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1 Gilsoniteir_euaText
2 Geological assessment of heavy-oil reservoirs in the Lloydminster area, using a computerized data baseir_euaText
3 Hydrotreating process kinetics for bitumen and bitumen-derived liquidsir_euaText
4 Geology of heavy crude oil and natural bitumen in the USSR, Mongolia, and Chinair_euaText
5 Heavy crude oil fields and bitumen deposits of the Middle and Far East and Oceaniair_euaText
6 California plio-miocene oils: Evidence of early generationir_euaText
7 An echoing in-situ combustion oil recovery project in a Utah tar sandir_euaText
8 Bitumen and very heavy crude upgrading technology: A review of long term R&D opportunitiesir_euaText
9 Comparative study of organic rich solids present in Utah and Athabasca oil sandsir_euaText
10 Extraction of hydrocarbons from Antrim oil shaleir_euaText
11 A heavy-oil case study on a single well in Venezuela, MFM-7s, using cores and logsir_euaText
12 Coking poor coking coals and hydrocracked tar sand bitumen binderir_euaText
13 An assessment of oil shale and tar sand development in the state of Utah: Phase 2--policy analysisir_euaText
14 A brief history of early mineral exploitation in the Uinta Basinir_euaText
15 Fluidized bed pyrolysis of bitumen-impregnated sandstone at sub-atmospheric conditionsir_euaText
16 Final report on 1989 update of the computerized geologic model to include the 1988 drill hole data Sunnyside Tar Sands project Sunnyside, Utahir_euaText
17 A comparison of Grillparzer's "Der Traum, Ein Leben" with Calderon's "La Vida es Sueno"ir_etdText
18 Carlyle and Emerson and their philosophy of lifeir_etdText
19 A hybrid non-threaded run-to-run control and incorporation of multiphysics models into semiconductor virtual metrologyir_etdText
20 Educational impacts of discipline policies on Chicano students in Utah: a mixed-method critical race theory and latcrit analysisir_etdText
21 Can you expect the boss to be ethical? the effects of the boss' power and status on subordinates' trustir_etdText
22 Sex ratio and women's aggressive competition in the outer islands of yapir_etdText
23 Our path unwinding: conversations and reflections on diversity through dialogueir_etdText
24 The life of Orson Spencerir_etdText
25 Promised valley: a design thesisir_etdText
1 - 25 of 20,495