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1 Improved method of isolating brucellosis organisms from blood clots utilizing the membrane filter1960-06ir_etdText
2 Immunobiology of murine lyme disease1994-06ir_etdText
3 Effect of earplugs on polysomnographic sleep and description of sleep-disturbing factors in critically ill subjects1998-12ir_etdText
4 Factors related to use of internet parent support groups by primary caregivers of a child with special health care needs2002-05ir_etdText
5 Relationship between sociometric status and patient-rated helpfulness in a small informal psychiatric patient group1965-06ir_etdText
6 Nurse-midwife support at home and success with breast feeding1973-06ir_etdText
7 Incubation with dexamethasone increases sphingomyelin in rat fat cell ghosts1977-08ir_etdText
8 Immunity to histoplasmosis induced in mice by components of Histoplasma capsulatum1968-08ir_etdText
9 Dysregulation of retinoid biosynthesis and metabolism during colon carcinogenesis2006-05ir_etdText
10 User-centered development of a Web-based preschool vision screening tool2003-05ir_etdText
11 Relationship of emotional intelligence to burnout and job satisfaction among nurses in early nursing practice2004-12ir_etdText
12 Zinc finger nuclease-induced double-strand breaks mediate targeted mutagenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans2007-05ir_etdText
13 Adenomatous polyposis coli regulation of WNT signaling via retinoic acid and cycloxygenase-22006-12ir_etdText
14 Steady-state transfer function analysis of portions of the circulatory system using indicator dilution techniques1967-06ir_etdText
15 Study of the relationship between sodium ion and hydrogen ion regulation in rat skeletal muscle1968-06ir_etdText
16 In vivo nuclear magnetic resonance studies on cerebral energy metabolism and age related isoflurane elimination from rat brain1994-06ir_etdText
17 Role of platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase in megakaryocytes and yeast2007-05ir_etdText
18 Nuclear Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of escherichia coli tRNA (LYS) and the t RNA)LYS)-HIV RNA complex2007-05ir_etdText
19 Sampling of nitrogen dioxide in a coal dust atmosphere1981-08ir_etdText
20 Concentration of acid-fast bacilli with water-insoluble liquids1956-08ir_etdText
21 Dopaminergic modulation of cultured rat olfactory receptor neurons1999-12ir_etdText
22 Preanalytic variation in plasma amino acids1999-12ir_etdText
23 Contributions of retinoblastoma and p53 to breast carcinogenesis1999-12ir_etdText
24 Role of APC and retinoid metabolism in gut development and cancer progression2007-05ir_etdText
25 Role of MSH6 mutations in North American patients receiving clinical genetic testing for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer2007-09ir_etdText
1 - 25 of 546,096