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1 Avula, Mahender nathHydrogel based multianalyte microsensor arrays for metabolic monitoringBiosensor; Continuous glucose monitoring; Hydrogel; Multianalyte microsensor arrays; Metabolic monitoringMechanical Engineering2010-08
2 Bagley, Claire ValeneEditing in the choreographic process: "I am a work of fiction"Creative process; Dance; Film editing; Graphic novel; Montage; Pina BauschModern Dance2013-08
3 Baker, James BrandonDetermining specular, diffuse, and ambient color material properties of industrial plant primitivesAutomation; Computer aided design; Computer vision; Industrial plants; Material properties; Numerical inversionElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-05
4 Baggs, BelleBeyond words: an embodied empathetic processChoreography; Empathy; Movement; RelationshipsModern Dance2011-08
5 Bagley, Dustin C.Characterizing the Function of MON1A in Membrane Traffic and Organelle Maintenance in the Secretory PathwayPathology2013-08
6 Baker, Christine LeeRetrospective Fragile X Study by Capillary and Agarose Gel ElectrophoresisPathology2011-05
7 Baker, Michael JohnDay after: a critical analysis of Salt Lake City's plans for reconstruction following a natural disasterDisaster preparednessArchitecture & Planning (College of)2009-05
8 Ballard, Aaron DavidEntangling power, cartan decomposition, and braiding operatorsBraid; Braiding operator; Cartan decomposition; Entanglement; Entangling power; GhzPhysics2010-08
9 Baraghoshi, BehrozThree essays on United States trade unionsLabor unions; National Labor Relations BoardEconomics2011-12
10 Barcikowski, Elliott L.The composition of ultra high energy cosmic rays through hybrid analysis at telescope arrayCosmic rays; Telescope arrayPhysics2011-12
11 Barnes, Owen R.A wearable underactuated kinesthetic device for inducing arm swing during gait rehabilitationMechanical Engineering2015-05
12 Barker, Emmy PaiserA thousand steps around me: a study of discovering metaphor through manipulating repetition in danceMetaphor; Modern dance; RepetitionModern Dance2011-08
13 Baker, Justin JeffreyDexterous finger movements: decoding neuro- and myoelectric signals and properties of finger-related neurons in motor cortexBrain-computer interface; Decode; Finger; Motor cortex; Neuroprosthetics; Myoelectric prosthesis; Myoelectric signals; Implantable MyoElectric Sensors; IMESBioengineering2010-08
14 Bang, Sarah DohertyOn the mutual interactions between convective storms and their enviornments during the midlatitude continental convective clouds experiment (MC3E) field campaign in OklahomaMC3E; Organized convection; Severe convection; ThunderstormAtmospheric Sciences2013-12
15 Barth, Bradley CallTurnaround execution strategyTechnological innovations; CommunicationsCommunication2009-08
16 Barusch, Nathaniel MorrisLinking synaptotagmin to vesicle fusionCaenorhabditis elegans; Synaptic vesicles; Neural transmissionBiology2009-05
17 Barco, Jacqueline RoseIntimate partner violence: from patriarchal theory to health education practiceAttitudes; Female offenders; Gender; Intimate partner violence; Patriarchy; Self-efficacyHealth Promotion & Education2010-08
18 Bannan, Douha FouadInjectable Chemotherapy Drugs on Short Supply: Relevance of changes in Suppliers and Pricing in Predicting ShortagesPharmacotherapy2013-05
19 Barney, Keith WayneThe effect of two disability-awareness training models on stigmatizing attitudes among future healthcare professionalsAwareness workshop; Contact theory; Disability; Social model of disability; Stigma; Wheelchair sportsParks Recreation & Tourism2011-05
20 Bates, JeffreypH-Responsive hydrogel-based chemomechanical sensors designed for disposable dioreactor applicationsCharacterization; Chemical sensors; Chemomechanical sensors; Hydrogel; Optimization; pH SensorsMaterials Science & Engineering2013-12
21 Batchu, SatishAutomatic extraction of behavioral models from simulations of analog/mixed-signal (AMS) circuitsAMS; Analog/mixed-signal; Modeling; Petri-net; Simulation; VerificationElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-05
22 Patterson, BrandonHumanities house integrated service project2009
23 Lloyd, StanleyIssue education & Saturday service project handbook2010
24 Sheets, Nicole TaylorBy now it should sound like musicEnglish2010-08
25 Kim, Hyun ChanDynamic traveler response model for seismic risk analysis of transportation systemsRoads; Transportation; Earthquake hazard analysisCivil & Environmental Engineering2009-05
1 - 25 of 6,252