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351 Evaluation of Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis' Ability to Cluster Campylobacter Jejuni by Animal Exposure or Location2011-08ir_etdText
352 The impact of trauma in family activity systems2012-08ir_etdText
353 Characterization of the Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation by EWS/FLI in Ewing Sarcoma2013-08ir_etdText
354 Systematic Review of Clinical Decision Support Interventions with Potential for Inpatient Cost Reduction2013-08ir_etdText
355 Flow instabilities of Alaskan glaciers2014-08ir_etdText
356 The food habits and life history of the Mountain Lion1949-05ir_etdText
357 Design techniques for terahertz plasmonic filters2014-12ir_etdText
358 The entrance of Brazil into the United Nations1950ir_etdText
359 Strength of soil-lime mixtures1949ir_etdText
360 Brothers in arms: American and Saudi Arabian relations during the Soviet-Afghan War2014-05ir_etdText
361 Effect of age, Parkinson Disease, and Dopamine on acquisition performance and retention learning of a standing implicit motor sequence task2014-05ir_etdText
362 Abortion as a taboo topic: a network text analysis of abortion disclosure decisions and boundary coordination2012-05ir_etdText
363 Single particle studies of pulverized coal oxy-combustion2013-05ir_etdText
364 Single-molecule study of thymidine glycol and i-motif through the alpha-hemolysin ion channel2013-12ir_etdText
365 The challenge of minor ethical matters for the agent in business2013-05ir_etdText
366 The artist is not present: Andy Warhol's 1967 Utah "hoax" as performance and self-portraiture2011-08ir_etdText
367 Outcomes of a five-year university-based worksite wellness program2012-12ir_etdText
368 Accounting measurement and beta risk measures2012-08ir_etdText
369 Deterministic systems analysis2013-05ir_etdText
370 Undocumented immigrant detainee's rights: removing non-criminal immigrants from the criminal correctional system2007ir_etdText
371 Facility for the learning, implementation, and dissemination of alternative construction techniques2006ir_etdText
372 Ground displacement investigations in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah using the cone penetrometer2008-07-25ir_etdText
373 Evaluation of agreement among ergonomics survey tools for the distal upper extremities2007-11-02ir_etdText
374 Geology of the Northern Stansbury Range, Tooele County, Utah1956-06ir_etdText
375 Caregiver burden in spouses of National Guard/Reserve service members deployed during Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom2009-05-07ir_etdText
351 - 375 of 21,697