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301 Characteristics of monsoonal thunderstorms in Arizona and New Mexico2009-08-07ir_etdText
302 Naturopathic healing center: Portland, Oregon2006ir_etdText
303 Effects of wilderness-based programming and facilitated reflection on social self-efficacy among college students in freshman orientation2007-05-16ir_etdText
304 Effects of a brief parent intervention to increase attendance, positive outcomes, and satisfaction with their child's therapy treatment2010-08ir_etdText
305 Experimentally derived beta corrections to predict fatigue crack growth at cold expanded holes in 7075-T651 aluminum alloy2008-08ir_etdText
306 Soil carbon and nitrogen stocks in a semiarid urban ecosystem2009-01-15ir_etdText
307 Precambrian geology of the Western Uinta Mountains, Utah1954ir_etdText
308 Characterization of CD62L as a Marker of Hematopoietic Differentiation in Adult Mice2010-12ir_etdText
309 College student suicide: prevention and intervention2010ir_etdText
310 Factors affecting mental health service utilization among deployed military personnel2011-08ir_etdText
311 The density and rebound of shredded municipal solid waste2014-05ir_etdText
312 Drug-Free Macromolecular Therapeutics for Treatment of B-Cell Malignancies2015-08ir_etdText
313 The Design and Analysis of an Informatics Infrastructure to Support Clinical Decision Making in the Management of Opiod PCA Infustions for Palliative Patients2016-05ir_etdText
314 Communication guidelines for epidemic virus and flu outbreaks in schools following the 2009 H1N1 pandemic2013-08ir_etdText
315 Validity of testing small asphalt concrete mixture beams in the bending beam rheometer2013-12ir_etdText
316 H2(SL2 (Z[t,t-1]) ;Q) is infinite-dimensional2014-05ir_etdText
317 Coach pressure and disordered eating in female collegiate athletes: is the coach-athlete relationship a mediating variable?2011-08ir_etdText
318 Predicting meaningful employment for refugees: the influence of personal characteristics and developmental factors on employment status and hourly wages2009-12-14ir_etdText
319 The role of cognitive, noncognitive and career development factors in the academic success and persistence of traditional and first-generation college students2011-05ir_etdText
320 Becoming large enough: encompassing subjective and objective perspectives in one whole2010-08ir_etdText
321 A paleoecological fire and vegetation history in Southeastern Wyoming2010-08ir_etdText
322 Emotional and cardiovascular responses to couple conflict in posttraumatic stress disorder: a study of operations enduring and Iraqi Freedom Veterans and partners2013-08ir_etdText
323 Image focusing and data compression in the solution of geophysical inverse problems1999-06-06ir_etdText
324 Reaching a new understanding of the andalusi ulama of the taifa kings era (1013-1086)2001ir_etdText
325 Reflections of self: male-male relationships as a source for choreography2009-05-06ir_etdText
301 - 325 of 21,652