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1 1st degree AV block1997-01-01ehsl_heal
2 24th of July Celebration1964-07-30ucl_vepImage
3 24th of July Paradeucl_vepImage
4 24th of July Parade1961-07-27ucl_vepImage
5 24th of July Parade1967-07ucl_vepImage
6 2nd degree AV block with junctional escapes and captures1997-01-01ehsl_heal
7 2nd degree AV block, mobitz type II, with LBBB1997-01-01ehsl_heal
8 2nd degree AV block, type I1997-01-01ehsl_heal
9 2nd degree AV block, type I (Wenckebach)1997-01-01ehsl_heal
10 2nd degree AV block, type I with escapes and captures1997-01-01ehsl_heal
11 2nd degree AV block, type I, with accelerated junctional escapes and a ladder diagram1997-01-01ehsl_heal
12 2nd degree AV block, type I, with junctional escapes1997-01-01ehsl_heal
13 3rd degree AV block rx'ed with a ventricular pacemaker1997-01-01ehsl_heal
14 4-H Better Breeding Beef Club1961-10-12ucl_vepImage
15 4-H Horse Lovers Show1958-05-29ucl_vepImage
16 4-H Jr. Livestock Show1961-06-08ucl_vepImage
17 4-H Kennel Club1962-02-08ucl_vepImage
18 4-H Kennel Club1962-02-08ucl_vepImage
19 404 Sight2015ir_eae
20 60 cycle artifact - marquette1997-01-01ehsl_heal
21 A Boy and His Beard2017ir_eae
22 A Divided Light2015ir_eae
23 A nonconducted PAC causes an unexpected pause1997-01-01ehsl_heal
24 A PAC initiates paroxysmal atrial fibrillation1997-01-01ehsl_heal
25 A very subtle 1st degree AV block1997-01-01ehsl_heal
1 - 25 of 859