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1 In search of a universal model for personal datair_htoaText
2 Brown v. Board : the racial meridian : racial segregation in the U.S. public education system before and after Brown v. Board of Education 1954ir_htoaText
3 Prestgard-Duke, Michaelir_htoaText
4 Impact of macromolecular crowding on global structural conformations of a model intrinsically disordered proteinir_htoaText
5 Bhutanese refugee women's lived reproductive health experience in Salt Lake City, Utahir_htoaText
6 To whom it may concern: a one actir_htoaText
7 The labor market implications of unification between Albania and Kosovoir_htoaText
8 Communicating wallsir_htoaText
9 How engaging in mind-focused or body-focused Eastern practices affects the way people narrate challenging eventsir_htoaText
10 Preventing corporate fraudir_htoaText
11 Connection between price elasticity and Beta : the case of the oil industryir_htoaText
12 A checklist for outstanding teaching of first grade literacyir_htoaText
13 Shower stillsir_htoaText
14 Adolescent perception of negative admission pressures and affective reactions in outdoor behavioral healthcareir_htoaText
15 Solid timber: emerging construction methods and materialsir_htoaText
16 Lyman-alpha emission as a probe of galaxy environmentsir_htoaText
17 Endogenous ceramide contributes to cardiovascular complications in Type II diabetes by decreasing the association between PP2A and I2PP2Air_htoaText
18 Differentiation in elementary classroomsir_htoaText
19 Post-translational regulation of the tumor suppressor PDCD4ir_htoaText
20 In search of visual privacy in a technological worldir_htoaText
21 Suppression of lymphangiogenesis using VEGF-C trapir_htoaText
22 Why volunteer? perspectives from college studentsir_htoaText
23 Friends in all the wrong places? gang involvement and the relevance of attachment theoryir_htoaText
24 Role of the trait neuroticism in stress processes and a possible link to cardiovascular diseaseir_htoaText
25 Investigating the mediational role of meaning making in the association between moral injury and well-beingir_htoaText
1 - 25 of 294