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1 Meier, John E.An evaluation of the quality of contemporary ray tracing methods on architectural materialsPredictive computer graphics can be used to visualize the appearance of an object or scene from a virtual design. A seminal experiment in that field was performed in 1984 to evaluate the perceptual quality of computer graphics images with a physical model of the scene. The original study was limited...Ray tracing algorithms2009-05
2 McDaniel, TylerUtah's Pathways to Higher Education: a Critical, Quantitative AnalysisThis work uses linear and nonlinear models in order to predict student success and pathways in higher education in the state of Utah. Postsecondary Grade Point Average is used as a metric for success in higher education. Pathways are identified using clustering analyses, which group observations a...Higher education and state - Utah; Higher education and state - United States; Low-income students - United States
3 Livnat, YotamA Less Obvious Connection: the Relationship Between Religious Coping and the Development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder in a Military SampleWhile there has been a well-documented negative correlation between religious coping and post-traumatic stress disorder and major depressive disorder in military samples, there has been little research in to potential reasons for this relationship. It has been proposed that in many ways religion wo...Post-traumatic stress disorder - Patients - Religious life
4 Johnson, StuartConnection between price elasticity and Beta: The case of the oil industryPrice elasticity and Beta are cherished variables in Economics and Finance, respectively. Price elasticity is a measure of a percent change in the quantity of a good demanded divided by the percent change in its price. Beta is the covariance of a firm's return with respect to the market, divided by ...Price elasticity of demand; Beta (Firm); Oil industries
5 Alder, IsabellaCreating community: Facilitating an engaged resettlement process for refugee status families in the Salt Lake Valley to promote greater self-relianceThere are approximately 12 million refugees in the world today and roughly 50,000 of these individuals have resettled to the Salt Lake Valley. Upon their arrival to Utah, families with refugee status are paired with one of a small number of organizations to assist them in the process of resettlemen...Refugees -- Utah -- Salt Lake Valley Resettlement2014-05
6 Kent, AlexandraDNA split aptamers as a biosensing platform for the detection of small drug moleculesPrescription drug overdose and abuse is a leading cause of death in the United States. It is a serious issue and has become increasingly problematic as opioids are being prescribed with a higher frequency. For this reason, fast, accurate detection of small drug molecules is crucial. The current stan...Drug testing; Biosensors; DNA split aptamers
7 Falde, SamanthaKalashnikov enculturation: The Soviet contribution to small arms proliferation and the disintegration of the non-state thresholdThe purpose of this paper is to closely examine the legacy of the policies and actions taken by the Soviet Union during the Cold War in order to determine its contributions to current levels of small arms and light weapons (SALW) proliferation around the globe. This examination confirms as reality t...Arms transfers Arms transfers -- Political aspects Soviet Union -- Foreign relations -- 1945-1991 Small arms proliferation Kalashnikov culture
8 Bowen, BradyFractal geometry of melt ponds: Modeling the fractal geometry of arctic melt ponds using the level sets of random surfacesDuring the late spring, most of the Arctic Ocean is covered by sea ice with a layer of snow on top. As the snow and sea ice begin to melt, water collects on the surface to form melt ponds. As melting progresses, sparse, disconnected ponds coalesce to form complex, self-similar structures which are c...Melt pond geometry2016-04
9 Stott, Trevor"The wanderers" novel projectThe title of the novel is "The Wanderers." My objective in writing this book was first and foremost to create something personally meaningful, which might connect with readers by touching on something in the cultural zeitgeist of young Millennials coming of age in an era of drastic change and global...American fiction - 21st century2015-04
10 Streng, Tara KaySexual assault within the American university system: A review of policies, student perspectives, and recommendationsPart I - University Sexual Assault Policy Analysis and Recommendations Objective: Sexual violence within the collegiate environment is a pressing issue within American society. One way to address sexual violence is through the adaptation and implementation of a sexual assault policy by colleges and ...Sex crimes - United States; College students - Crimes against - United States2014-12
11 Stovall, Karen L.Reasons for cohabitation on the outcome of relationship quality and satisfactionCohabitation before marriage has become a common choice for many couples in North America. Reasons for couples deciding to live together can vary, including a desire to spend more time together or to combine finances and avoid the hassles of living apart. When looking at reasons for deciding to live...Unmarried couples; Relationship quality; Cohabitation2015-04
12 Markham, AiryanaDressing the part: Early Christian identity North Africa, 100-200 CEThe study of early Christian identity in the second-third centuries is problematic. This is because there is a paucity of material evidence and assigning a religious affiliation to that evidence is highly contested. For this reason, early Christian identity is often viewed by scholars in a distinct,...Clothing and dress -- Religious aspects -- Christianity; Identification (Religion); Christian life -- History -- Early church, ca. 30-600; Church history -- Primitive and early church, ca. 30-6002014-12
13 Jensen, MeganFaustus, Marlowe, and Bosch: Intersections of medieval fantasy imageryThis thesis is a theoretical costume design project for Christopher Marlowe's play The Tragical History o f the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus that uses The Garden of Earthly Delights, a triptych painting famous for its outlandish imagery by the Dutch Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch, as its s...Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593. Doctor Faustus; Bosch, Hieronymus, -1516. Garden of delights; Costume design2015-04
14 Miller, CurtisExplaining Utah's gender gap in wagesWomen earn less than men, and the disparity between men's and women's wages in Utah is larger than the same disparity at the national or regional levels. Little is known as to why Utah has a larger wage gap than the nation or its neighbors. In this paper, we use Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition to decom...Women -- Employment -- Utah; Wage differentials -- Utah; Gender gap2015-08
15 Heman, ClaireIntersectionsThis creative thesis explores the intersections of identity, gender, and sexuality, relevant topics in our times of binary gender roles and pervasive heteronormative social structures. This thesis is divided into two parts: 1) an introductory essay to place the creative work in an existing conversat...Gender identity in literature; Sexual orientation in literature2015-08
16 McSweeney, Catherine LindsayMedia representations: The health and beauty of the female bodyThis thesis examines the media representations of women in advertising through textual analysis. Discussed are the possible influences advertising and media have on obesity and health through the perceived pressures placed on women to maintain a body type and figure similar to the women in advertisi...Women in advertising2015-05
17 Tu, Christianna L.Closing the health development gap: An analysis of health spending in Southeast AsiaFinancing health development through increased domestic resource allocation is a topic of substantial discussion for the post-2015 development agenda. Past development strategies, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), have relied on wealthy country aid commitments in order to fund inter...Medical care - Southeast Asia - Finance2015-08
18 Gunter, Tobee PaigeComparison of patient and provider assessments of response to therapy for psoriatic arthritisPeople with psoriatic arthritis routinely rate their disease severity less favorably than their providers (Krueger, 2001) (Baughman, 2011). Little is known about how patients and providers perceive response to therapy. Discrepancies in perceptions of therapy response may indicate that providers are ...Psoriatic arthritis; Psoriatic arthritis -- Patients -- Attitudes2014-12
19 Palomino, Sara I.Diglossia: The case of Quechua languages & SpanishIndividuals who grow up speaking an indigenous language in Peru, have historically struggled between maintaining their native mother tongue as a means of constructing their identity and connecting to their cultural heritage; versus, being pressured to linguistically shift to Spanish, as this languag...Diglossia (Linguistics); Quechua language -- Social aspects -- Peru; Spanish language -- Social aspects -- Peru2015-07
20 Eccles, Patrick NolanThe Cabal reflection: A post mortem of an entertainment arts and engineering capstone projectThis document will serve as Patrick Eccles' Honors Thesis at the University of Utah and will reflect upon the process and result of his and his team members' senior project within the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program: the 3D Puzzle Platformer A Divided Light . On the senior project team, P...Computer games - Design; Cabal Process2015-08
21 Melvin, Kendahl L.Why women don't run: Addressing the gender disparity in political representation in the United StatesA record number of women were elected to Congress in the November 2014 elections, making the 114th Congress the first to boast over 100 females (McGregor, 2014). With 104 women, it seemed that the current Congress was a positive step for American political parity (Warner, 2015). However, this achiev...Women -- Political activity -- United States; Women legislators -- United States2015-08
22 Arave, Rowan A.AKT1 activation promotes the development of melanoma metastasisMetastases are the major cause of melanoma-related mortality. Previous studies implicating aberrant AKT (or protein kinase B) signaling in human melanoma metastases led to the evaluation of the effect of activated AKT1 expression in non-metastatic BRAFV600E/cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor 2a nu...Melanoma - Genetics - Research; Metastasis - Genetics - Research; Biochemistry; Genetics2015-12
23 Brown, ZackaryA man of genius makes no mistakes: Joycean textuality in contemporary writingWhen James Joyce first published Ulysses in 1922, he was at the forefront of a literary movement that would forever change our conceptions of textuality. In crafting a text that contained intentional grammatical and syntactic errors, Joyce, I will argue, created a scenario in which a text's material...Joyce, James, 1882-1941. Ulysses; Creation (LIterary, artistic, etc.)2015-08
24 Chen, Jason J.Dissecting the genetic and learned components of oscine birdsongThe interplay of genetically encoded and learned components in the development of the learned vocal signals of birdsong and human speech in not fully understood (Forstmeier et al, 2009). The fact that song is a learned vocal behavior does not imply the lack of a genetic basis in acquiring vocalizati...Birdsongs -- Research; Songbirds -- Genetics -- Research; Zebra finch -- Research; Nature and nurture -- Research; birdsong; Taeniopygia guttata2015-12
25 Christensen, BryceEvolution, living patterns, and mitochondrial genetic variations in chimpanzeesThe study of genetic variation in chimpanzees allows researchers to determine evolutionary origins, population dynamics, living patterns, and more; the focus of this thesis is on the Pan troglodytes verus subspecies of chimpanzees of western Africa. After reviewing the literature, I set out to test ...Chimpanzees -- Genetics; Chimpanzees -- Evolution; Mitochondrial DNA2015-12
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