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1 Private equity investment in banking organizations a policy review of regulatory responses to the financial crisis of 2008ir_euaText
2 Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnostic assessment methods used by advanced practice registered nurses.ir_euaText
3 1-American Flame Research Committee Marriott Library Digital Collection Linkir_euaText
4 Anxiety levels of psychiatric patients during hospitalization and at time of discharge.ir_euaText
5 Oil sands development in Canada: Lessons for Utahir_euaText
6 Oil sands and the draft PEISir_euaText
7 North American oil sands--history of development, prospects for the futureir_euaText
8 42nd Annual Leary Lecture: Preliminary Thoughts on Copyright Reformir_euaImage/MovingImage
9 Evaluation of Blue Blocking Intraoculalr Lenses Including a New Photochromatic IOLir_euaImage/MovingImage
10 Natural Resources Learning Program: course videosir_euaImage/MovingImage
11 OCT and Retinal Architectureir_euaText; Image/MovingImage
12 Linc Energy: UCG towards commercializationir_eua
13 HP Oxy-Combustion of Syngas from Underground Coal Gasificationir_eua
14 Technical-economical comparison between UCG and surface gasificationir_eua
15 Increasing Depth in UCG: Advantage or Disadvantage?ir_eua
16 Site Evaluation for UCG Prospectsir_eua
17 Strategic Monitoring of Underground Coal Gasificationir_eua
18 Increasing of UCG effectiveness by laboratory researchir_eua
19 Introduction to Underground Coal Gasification: A Clean, Safe, Indigenous Energy Supplyir_eua
20 Infrastructure Processing and Utilisation of UCGir_eua
21 Surface and sub-surface gasification process engineeringir_eua
22 Training Course Full Program: Training Course on Underground Coal Gasificationir_eua
23 Numerical simulation of combined reverse combustion and steamflooding for oil recovery in a Utah tar sandir_eua
24 High resolution geophysical monitoring of geomechanical, thermal, and hydrogeological processes associated with UCG (and CCS) processesir_eua
25 Investor, Economic, Licensing, Regulatory and Reserve Valuation Issuesir_eua
1 - 25 of 2,554