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1 GilsonitePruitt, Robert G. Jr.glisonite; bitumen; asphalt-based petroleum; glisonite oreUtah Geological and Mineralogical Survey, University of Utah, College of Mines and Mineral Industries1961-06
2 Geological assessment of heavy-oil reservoirs in the Lloydminster area, using a computerized data baseHickerty, R. S.; Jones, G. S.; Klovan, J. E.; Putnam, P. E.heavy-oil reservoirs; geological assessment; heavy-oil reservoirs; wellsAmerican Association of Petroleum Geologists1987
3 Hydrotreating process kinetics for bitumen and bitumen-derived liquidsKwak, S.; Longstaff, D. C.; Deo, M.; Hanson, F. V.hydrotreating process kinetics; bitumen; bitumen-derived liquids; Whiterocks bitumenUniversity of Kentucky, Institute for Mining and Minerals Research1993-05
4 Geology of heavy crude oil and natural bitumen in the USSR, Mongolia, and ChinaMeyerhoff, A. A.; Meyer, R. F.geology; heavy crude oil; natural bitumen; USSR, Mongolia, China; heavy oil resources; natural bitumen resourcesAmerican Association of Petroleum Geologists1987
5 Heavy crude oil fields and bitumen deposits of the Middle and Far East and OceaniaMeyer, R. F.heavy crude oil fields; bitumen deposits; Middle and Far East and Oceania; oil resourceAmerican Association of Petroleum Geologists1987
6 California plio-miocene oils: Evidence of early generationPeterson, N. F.; Hickey, P. J.plio-miocene oils; California oil; source rocks; commercial generation; LOM; hydrocarbon concentration; oil qualityAmerican Association of Petroleum Geologists1987
7 An echoing in-situ combustion oil recovery project in a Utah tar sandJohnson, Lyle A. Jr.; Fahy, L. John; Romanowski, Leo J. Jr.; Barbour, Richard V.; Thomas, Kenneth combustion; oil recovery project; Utah tar sand; echoing in-situ; U.S. tar sand resources; reverse combustion process; heterogeneous tar sand reservoirSPE-AIME, Interstate Oil Compact Commission1982
8 Bitumen and very heavy crude upgrading technology: A review of long term R&D opportunitiesFlint, Lenbitumen; very heavy crude; upgrading technology; R&D opportunities; upgrade bitumen; oil sands bitumenLENEF Consulting, Ltd.2004-03-31
9 Comparative study of organic rich solids present in Utah and Athabasca oil sandsKotlyar, L. S.; Ripmeester, J. A.; Sparks, B. D.; Kodama, rich solids; Utah oil sands; Athabasca oil sands; comparative study of oil sandsAlberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority1989
10 Extraction of hydrocarbons from Antrim oil shaleHumphrey, J. P.hydrocarbon extraction; Antrim oil shale; oil shale; hydrocarbon recoveryColorado School of Mines Press1978
11 A heavy-oil case study on a single well in Venezuela, MFM-7s, using cores and logsEverett, R.; Herron, M.; Pirie, G.; Schweitzer, J.; Edmundson, H.heavy-oil case study; Venezuela well; MFM-7s; well cores; well logs; heavy-oil reservoirsAmerican Association of Petroleum Geologists1987
12 Coking poor coking coals and hydrocracked tar sand bitumen binderParaskos, John A.; Smith, Edward W.United States Patent and Trademark Office1980-11-18
13 An assessment of oil shale and tar sand development in the state of Utah: Phase 2--policy analysisUtah Department of Natural Resources and EnergyOil shale; Tar sand development; Utah; Synthetic fuels; Uintah Basin; Northeastern Utah; Petroleum reserves; Tar sand; Oil; Synthetic Fuel commercialization viabilityUnited States Department of Energy, Utah Department of Natural Resources and Energy, Utah Energy Office1982
14 A brief history of early mineral exploitation in the Uinta BasinCovington, Robert E.Uinta Basin; Mining; Uintah Valley; Indian Reservation; Meeker; Utah; History of early mineral exploitation; Uintah Reservation; Gilsonite; Coal; Copper; Iron; Oil shale; Ozocerite; Wurtzilite; Oil; Asphalt; Ashley Creek; Hatchtown; Vernal; Fort Duchesne; Ouray SubagencyIntermountain Association of Petroleum Geologists1964
15 Fluidized bed pyrolysis of bitumen-impregnated sandstone at sub-atmospheric conditionsFletcher, J. V.; Deo, M. D.; Hanson, F. V.fluidized bed pyrolysis; bitumen-impregnated sandstone; sub atmospheric conditionsUniversity of Kentucky, Institute for Mining and Minerals Research1993-05
16 Final report on 1989 update of the computerized geologic model to include the 1988 drill hole data Sunnyside Tar Sands project Sunnyside, Utahnonecomputerized geologic model; 1988 drill hole data; Sunnyside Tar Sands project; geologic resourcesRozelle Consulting Services1989-07
17 Atomistic modeling of oil shale kerogens and asphaltene along with their interactions with the inorganic mineral matrixFacelli, Julio C.; Pugmire, Ronald J.; Pimienta, Ian S.; Badu, Shyam; Orendt, Anita M.atomistic modeling; oil shale kerogens and asphaltene; inorganic mineral matrixOffice of Fossil Energy2011-04
18 Problems facing tar sand developmentBerry, Carl J.Interstate Oil Compact Committee Bulletin; heavy oil deposits develompment; Tar Sand TriangleInterstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission1977-07
19 Review of the world's major oil sand depositsWalters, E. J.oil sand deposits; major oil sand deposits; oil reserves; non-conventional oil; oil sands; oil shale; coal; syncrude production; review; types of oil depositsCanadian Society of Petroleum Geologists1974
20 Uranium deposits of Temple MountainRobeck, Raymond C.uranium deposits; Temple Mountain, Utah; mining oreIntermountain Association of Petroleum Geologists1954
21 The Chinese wax mine: A unique oil-impregnated rock depositRitzma, Howard R.Chinese wax mine; oil-impregnated rock deposit; oil; mineral wax; viscous oilUtah Geological and Mineral Survey1975
22 1888-89 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)University of UtahUniversity of Utah1888
23 1893-94 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)University of UtahUniversity of Utah1893
24 1924-25 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)University of UtahUniversity of Utah1924
25 Resolution on scholarly communicationLibrary Policy Advisory CommitteeScholarly communication; publishing; open accessUniversity of Utah2007
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