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201 Annual Report: University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC), 2013-2014Annual report of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. The contents include the Development Committee, Legislative Committee, Events Committee, Communications & Selections Committee and the Executive Board & Committee Chairs.Annual report2014
202 New Member OrientationAgenda for the UUSAC new member orientation, with description of each agenda item.UUSAC new members2014-07-14
203 Staff council votes (University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC))Votes for individuals to serve on the staff council.Votes; Staff council2014
204 Budget (UUSAC 2014-09)Budget and expenditures for operating and scholarship accounts.Operating budget; Scholarship account2014-09
205 Staff Council Applications 2013 (UUSAC)Applications for positions on the Staff CouncilStaff applications; Employment2013; 2014
206 Communication and selection notesNotes on Staff Council, Staff Scholarships, and Staff Council call for applications.Staff applications, Scholarships2012
207 Staff Council Annual Report 2013-2014 (University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee)University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) annual report for fiscal year 2013-2014. Contents include Committee Highlights, Development Committee, Legislative Committee, EVents Committee, Communications & Selections Committee and Executive Board & Committee Chairs.Annual report2014
208 Bylaws (May 2, 2012)University of Utah Staff Council Bylaws for 2012Bylaws2012-05-02
209 UUSAC UHESA 1997-1998Memos, bylaws, and policies of the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA)Bylaws; Policies1998
210 UUSAC correspondance 1997-1998Letters and memos to and from UUSAC members to members of the campus community, to each other and to others.Letters, Memos, Correspondence1998
211 UUSAC SWAB 1997-1998Letters, memos, agendas and membership information for the Salaries, Wages and Benefits Subcommittee.Staff salaries; University of Utah benefits1998
212 UUSAC salary equity 1997-1998Letters and memos concerning University of Utah staff salary equity.Salary equity; University of Utah staff
213 UUSAC project 1997-1998University of Utah campus projects sponsored by UUSACFunding; University of Utah campus projects1998
214 UUSAC publications 1997-1998University of Utah newsletters including UUSAC News, Community Forum and FYIUniversity of Utah newsletter; publications1998
215 UUSAC Committees 1997-1998Variety of Universtity of Utah campus committes including membership and some minutesCommittees1998
216 UUSAC policy reviews 1997-1998Reports on University of Utah policies and their review by UUSACPolicies1998
217 UUSAC parking request 1993-1994Notes, letters and memos of the University of Utah Parking, Transportation, Traffic Modeling Project Settering Committee.Committees1994
218 UUSAC AdPAC 1993-1994Agendas and minutes for meetings of the Administrative Policies Advisory CommitteeMinutes1994
219 UUSAC budget 1993-1994Receipts and budget information for the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) for 1993-1994.UUSAC budget1994
220 UUSAC new member orientation 1993-1994Policies; procedures; membership lists and the UUSAC newsletter for new members of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC).Policies; Newsletter; University of Utah Employees1994
221 UUSAC correspondence 1993-1994Letters and memos written by and to Bonnie McMorris concerning UUSAC business.Letters1994
222 UUSAC president's staff awards 1993-1994Notes, articles and memos on University of Utah presidential staff awards.University of Utah staff awards1994
223 UUSAC UHESA 1993-1994Utah Higher Education Staff Association directory, meeting minutes, constitution and bylaws for 1993-1994.Bylaws; Univerity of Utah staff; Minutes1994
224 UUSAC miscellaneous 1993-1994Miscellaneous documents including policys, procedures and projects of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC).Policies; University of Utah employees1994
225 UUSAC human resource concerns Fred Petersen 1993-1994Memos, articles and documents on the University of Utah conflict of interest policy.Policies; Conflict of interest1994
201 - 225 of 2,529