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201 Samuels, Leo T., Ph.D.ehsl_hhsImage
202 Johnson, Joyce, MD (2015)ehsl_hhsImage
203 1940s-era Bone Sawehsl_hhsImage
204 Medical Students in the Lab at the Thomas Cowles Buildingehsl_hhsImage
205 Shirley Labrum, MD and Frances Willie Stout, MDehsl_hhsImage
206 Louis Goodman in Conversation with Leo Samuelsehsl_hhsImage
207 1900s-era Scalpal Kitehsl_hhsImage
208 Maxwell Wintrobe, MD on Rounds With Residentsehsl_hhsImage
209 School of Medicine Faculty Members (1957)ehsl_hhsImage
210 Johnson, Joyce, MD (1957)ehsl_hhsImage
211 1950s Medical Students Physical Diagnosis Classehsl_hhsImage
212 Hashimoto, Edward I., M.D.ehsl_hhsImage
213 World War I Surgical Kitehsl_hhsImage
214 Freston, James W., M.D. Ph.D. (2015)ehsl_hhsImage
215 Emergency Room Nurse Transporting Patientehsl_hhsImage
216 Speculumehsl_hhsImage
217 Jee, Webster S.S., Ph.D. (1959)ehsl_hhsImage
218 Jee, Webster S.S., Ph.D. (1959)ehsl_hhsImage
219 Jung, August L. (Larry), M.D.ehsl_hhsImage
220 Rich, Charles C., MD (1965)ehsl_hhsImage
221 Freston, James W., M.D. (1961)ehsl_hhsImage
222 Medical Center Construction (1962-65)ehsl_hhsImage
223 Medical Center Construction (1962-65)ehsl_hhsImage
224 Medical Center Construction (1962-65)ehsl_hhsImage
225 Medical Center Construction (1962-65)ehsl_hhsImage
201 - 225 of 26,000