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201 Noted Utahns: Philo T. Farnsworth1936-11dha_wpabsText
202 Our pioneers, Jonah Mathias1939-06-06dha_wpabsText
203 Adelbert Twitchell1939-10-31dha_wpabsText
204 James Houston1938-07-19dha_wpabsText
205 Questions for handcart pioneers: Jane McKinnon McPhail Baxter Swarts1935-08-16dha_wpabsText
206 McIntyre, William L., 1811-1887; Physicians--Utah--Ogden--Biography1934dha_wpabsText
207 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Sariah Pulsipher Allen of Huntington, Utah1938-08-11dha_wpabsText
208 History of Stephen Markham in connection with the settlement of Palmyra and Spanish Fork, Utah1941-03-27dha_wpabsText
209 James Andrus history1936-09-03dha_wpabsText
210 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, James Munroe Redd1936-08-26dha_wpabsText
211 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Cyrus Alonzo Hancock1938-06-16dha_wpabsText
212 Ann Cannon Woodbury, pioneer and home builder1936-11-12dha_wpabsText
213 Pioneer personal history, Joseph E. Taylor1939-12dha_wpabsText
214 Pioneer personal history answers, Julius Jensen1938-11-02dha_wpabsText
215 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Elizabeth Hannah Barnson1938-07-20dha_wpabsText
216 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Matilda Olson Sprague1934dha_wpabsText
217 Moroni Spillsbury1937-09-23dha_wpabsText
218 Pioneer personal history, John Douglas1935dha_wpabsText
219 Crispin Taylor1938-10-06dha_wpabsText
220 History of Johnathan Heaton1939-05-19dha_wpabsText
221 Brief biography of Samuel K. Gifford1941-09-03dha_wpabsText
222 Interview with Mr. Ezekiel Alexander Billington at Spring City, Utah in Sanpete County1939-03-03dha_wpabsText
223 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Annie Margaret Taylor Iverson1939-12dha_wpabsText
224 John Wyatt1936dha_wpabsText
225 Interview between Mrs. Brooks and Mrs.Higbee, June 19, 19351935-06-19dha_wpabsText
201 - 225 of 865