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1 History of Richard Henry Spencer and familydha_wpabsText
2 The life of Samuel Thompsondha_wpabsText
3 Pioneer personal history, Annie Lenzi Folsomdha_wpabsText
4 Survey of state and local historical records: Ezra Taft Bensondha_wpabsText
5 Mary Ann Carter Emmons, born 1869dha_wpabsText
6 Sketch of the life of Elizabeth Jennett Smithdha_wpabsText
7 Brief history of Isaac H. Burgessdha_wpabsText
8 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Sarah Jane Blakeley Chappledha_wpabsText
9 Edward Stevensondha_wpabsText
10 Joseph H. Smithdha_wpabsText
11 Mrs. Mary E. Workmandha_wpabsText
12 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Ira C. Schowdha_wpabsText
13 Pioneer personal history, Frank Marion Shaferdha_wpabsText
14 Interview with Mrs. H. C. Jensen Bogh of Fountain Green, Utahdha_wpabsText
15 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Alice Rose Tucker Blairdha_wpabsText
16 Brief from an illustrated paper on the life of John Hafendha_wpabsText
17 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Annie Jensen Hameldha_wpabsText
18 Life history of Thornton Hepworthdha_wpabsText
19 Biography, Marriner Stoddard Ecclesdha_wpabsText
20 Robert Stoney, Pioneer, singer and musician of Beaver County, Utahdha_wpabsText
21 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Evelyn Sharp Taylordha_wpabsText
22 John D. Williams, pioneer, business man, Milford, Beaver Countydha_wpabsText
23 Pioneer personal history interview, Albert H. Garnerdha_wpabsText
24 Pioneer personal history answers, Mette Katherine Miller Blackdha_wpabsText
25 Utah musicians and singers: Alexander Schreinerdha_wpabsText
1 - 25 of 865