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76 Harold W. Williams1936-11-10dha_scnppImage/StillImage
77 Salt Lake Pressed Brick Co., Int. Showing Firing For Kiln1922-03-03dha_scnppImage/StillImage
78 St. Mary's Academy, Graduating Class1924-06-10dha_scnppImage/StillImage
79 Saint Mary's1926-10-04dha_scnppImage/StillImage
80 Ogden Canyon, Gen. View Showing New Paving, M.L. Gordon1921-05-26dha_scnppImage/StillImage
81 Salt Lake Elec. Co., Switchboard on State of New Pantages Theatre1920-11-20dha_scnppImage/StillImage
82 Bingham Stage Line Company, Scene of Accident Near Bingham, Wrecked Liberty Automobile1923-12-10dha_scnppImage/StillImage
83 Mullett-Kelly Co., Window--Father's Day1928-06-12dha_scnppImage/StillImage
84 Grand Wash1936-11-14dha_scnppImage/StillImage
85 Utah Compresed Gas Co. #21928-12-01dha_scnppImage/StillImage
86 Salt Lake Pressed Brick Co., Clay Beds From Northwest Showing Teams1922-03-23dha_scnppImage/StillImage
87 O' Donnell & Co., Casket and Flowera in Chaple1922-03-19dha_scnppImage/StillImage
88 International Dollar Stores Inc. Int. of Main Floor1929-03-19dha_scnppImage/StillImage
89 Linde Air Products Co. Int. Progress1923-12-01dha_scnppImage/StillImage
90 Pantages Theatre Heating, Midgley Bros.1920-03-10dha_scnppImage/StillImage
91 Utah Steel Co., Plant at Midvale, Loaded Cars1921-09-16dha_scnppImage/StillImage
92 L. C. Miller, Stuffed Animal Display at State Capitol1929-01-23dha_scnppImage/StillImage
93 Utah Railway Co., View of River Below Stone Quarry, Spanish Fork Canyon, Below Diamond Crossing1922-11-15dha_scnppImage/StillImage
94 O'Donnell & Co., Funeral at Mt. Calvary1920-05-24dha_scnppImage/StillImage
95 United Cigars Stores Co., Gillett Safety Razor Window in Store at 2nd South & Main1928-02-07dha_scnppImage/StillImage
96 Klearflax Linen Rug Co., Runway in Balcony at Orpheum1921-09-20dha_scnppImage/StillImage
97 A. E. Tourssen Auto Co., Mrs. Thomas & Coupe1921-07-11dha_scnppImage/StillImage
98 P.C. Stevens Residence 918 East South Temple1924-06-11dha_scnppImage/StillImage
99 Salt Lake Hardware Company1937-04-09dha_scnppImage/StillImage
100 Hogle Investment Company1930-10-03dha_scnppImage/StillImage
76 - 100 of 8,412