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1 Utah Copper Co., Old Pumping Plant and Canal by Old Power House, Magna1920-05-15dha_scnppImage/StillImage
2 Juneman, Ads on Display Board1928-07-31dha_scnppImage/StillImage
3 Primary Association, Group of Children at Yale Ward1930-03-23dha_scnppImage/StillImage
4 A. E. Wall, Copy of Certificate, Front1921-11-08dha_scnppImage/StillImage
5 Service Station1926-09-04dha_scnppImage/StillImage
6 Royal Fuel Co., Int. Showing Switch Board1922-05-25dha_scnppImage/StillImage
7 C. McDonald, Copy of Old Print1937-11-05dha_scnppImage/StillImage
8 National Tube Co., Ext. 1st Natl. Bank Bldg. of Ogden1929-02-12dha_scnppImage/StillImage
9 A & W Root Beer1926-06-12dha_scnppImage/StillImage
10 Porter-Walton Co., Seed Display Case1920-01-15dha_scnppImage/StillImage
11 Albert Merrill, Pony in Front of Home1929-05-19dha_scnppImage/StillImage
12 U.S. Fidelity Co., Wrecked Dodge Car at Johnson Metal Workds1929-08dha_scnppImage/StillImage
13 Standard Oil Company of California1930-10-13dha_scnppImage/StillImage
14 Utah Poultry Prod. Assoc., Box Cars1928-08-07dha_scnppImage/StillImage
15 Utah R. R. Co., Cut of Mile Post No.211927-06-06dha_scnppImage/StillImage
16 The Texas Company1927-01-18dha_scnppImage/StillImage
17 C. N. Strevell, Foot Print1930-10-16dha_scnppImage/StillImage
18 Ben Eldridge, Copy of Old Photo1920-05-26dha_scnppImage/StillImage
19 Utah Compressed Gas Co., Detail of Machinery1928-01-11dha_scnppImage/StillImage
20 St. Mary's Academy1926-06-03dha_scnppImage/StillImage
21 Utah R. R. Co., Cut West of Mile Post No.191927-06-06dha_scnppImage/StillImage
22 St. Mary's Academy, Graduating Class1924-06-10dha_scnppImage/StillImage
23 Bingham Stage Line Company, Scene of Accident Near Bingham, Wrecked Liberty Automobile1923-12-10dha_scnppImage/StillImage
24 Utah Compresed Gas Co. #21928-12-01dha_scnppImage/StillImage
25 O' Donnell & Co., Casket and Flowera in Chaple1922-03-19dha_scnppImage/StillImage
1 - 25 of 8,412