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51 Silver Reef Miner V.5 No.311882-05-06uum_rbcText
52 Letter from Edmund Burke, Esq., one of the representatives in Parliament for the city of Bristol, to John Farr, and John Harris, esqus. sheriffs of that city, on the affairs of America, particularly the suspension of the law of "habias corpus."1777uum_rbcText
53 Silver Reef Miner V.5 No.451882-11-18uum_rbcText
54 Governour of Cyprus: a tragedy, as it is acted at the new theatre in Little Lincoln's-inn-fields, by Her Majestie's servants1703uum_rbcText
55 Literature of Papermaking 1390-18001925uum_rbcText
56 Message from the President of the United States, in answer to a resolution of the Senate relative to the British establishments on the Columbia, and the state of the fur trade &c.1831uum_rbcText
57 Arte de lengva mexicana, dispvesto.1673uum_rbcText
58 Report on an exploration of the country lying between the Missouri river and the Rocky mountains : on the line of the Kansas and Great Platte rivers...1843uum_rbcText
59 Slavery1836uum_rbcText
60 Compendium of the Impending Crisis of the South1860uum_rbcText
61 Pirke Avot1566uum_rbcText
62 Théâtre de la foire; ou, l'opéra comique; contenant les meilleures pièces qui ont été représentées aux Foires de S. Germain et de S. Laurent. Enrichies d'estampes en taille douce, avec une table de tous les vaudevilles & autres airs gravez notez à la fin de chaque volume.1722uum_rbcText
63 Remarks on the Slavery Question in a Letter to Jonathan Phillips, Esq1839uum_rbcText
64 Armonia del nvdo parlare con ragione di nvmeri Pitagorici1637uum_rbcText
65 Critical observations on the art of dancing : to which is added A collection of cotillons or French dances1770uum_rbcText
66 Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation With a Sequel1846uum_rbcText
67 Idea de una nueva historia general de la América Septentrional: Fundada sobre material copioso de figuras, symbolos, caratères, y geroglificos, cantares, y manuscritos de autores indios, ultimamente descubiertos1746uum_rbcText
68 Book M, or Masonry Triumphant1736uum_rbcText
69 Life of Andrew Jackson, major-general in the service of the United States1817uum_rbcText
70 Secret-love, or The Maiden-Queen1679uum_rbcText
71 Principles of Geology; being an attempt to explain the... v. 31830; 1831; 1832; 1833uum_rbcText
72 Essay towards an history of dancing, in which the whole art and its various excellencies are in some measure explain'd : containing the several sorts of dancing1712uum_rbcText
73 Autographs for Freedom1854uum_rbcText
74 Travels through the middle settlements in North-America, in the years 1759 and 1760 : with observations upon the state of the colonies1775uum_rbcText
75 Comedies of Mr. George Farquhar: viz. love and a bottle; constant couple: or, a trip to the jubilee, Sir Harry Wildaire1707uum_rbcText
51 - 75 of 780