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1 Codex Laud caractere hieroglyphiuum_rbcText
2 Codex Laud Commentaryuum_rbcText
3 Codex Magliabecchiuum_rbcText
4 Wasmuth Portfolio - Volume 2uum_rbcText
5 Wasmuth Portfolio - Volume 1uum_rbcText
6 Ausgefuhrte Bauten und Entwurfeuum_rbcText
7 Studies and Executed Buildingsuum_rbcText
8 The southern constellations with the earth underneath.uum_rbcImage
9 The spiral revolution of the Sun around the Earth.uum_rbcImage
10 Selenographic diagram of phases and appearances of the Moon.uum_rbcImage
11 Tycho Brahe's calculation of the planets' orbits and distances.uum_rbcImage
12 Moon in an eccentric orbit with epicycles.uum_rbcImage
13 The Earth and its celestial circles.uum_rbcImage
14 The sizes of the celestial bodies.uum_rbcImage
15 First hemisphere with the Christian constellations.uum_rbcImage
16 Sun in an eccentric orbit without epicycles.uum_rbcImage
17 A depiction of the Copernican system.uum_rbcImage
18 Hemispheres displaying (1) the equatorial co-ordinate system and the eliptic co-ordinte system, (2) the celestial and terrestrial longitudes, and (3) the influrences of the stars.uum_rbcImage
19 Second hemisphere with the Christian constellations.uum_rbcImage
20 Map of the Old World, with climate and meridians.uum_rbcImage
21 Image of the aspects, oppositions, conjunctions, etc. among the planets.uum_rbcImage
22 The planisphere of Brahe, or Brahe's hypothesis in a planar viewuum_rbcImage
23 Ptolemy's hypothosis concerning planatary motion.uum_rbcImage
24 Motions of the three superior planets (Mars, Jupiter & Saturn).uum_rbcImage
25 Ptolemy's view of the universeuum_rbcImage
1 - 25 of 591