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51 Massive Exudate and Punctate HemorrhagesImage
52 Myelinated Nerve Fibers Restricted to Disc RegionImage
53 Myelinated Nerve Fibers, Extending onto RetinaImage
54 DrusenImage
55 Retinopathy of Moderate HypertensionImage
56 Retinopathy of Moderate HypertensionImage
57 Retinopathy Secondary to a PheochromocytomaImage
58 Severe Hypertensive RetinopathyImage
59 Fundus of an AdultImage
60 Angulation at AV CrossingImage
61 Plaque of Retinal ArteryImage
62 Choroidal 'Arteriosclerosis'Image
63 Tortuosity of ArteriesImage
64 Late AppearanceImage
65 Acute Obstruction of the Central Retinal Artery without Involvement of the Cilioretinal ArteryImage
66 Acute Obstruction of the Cilioretinal Artery without involvement of the Retinal ArteryImage
67 Acute Occlusion of Central Retinal Artery with Sickle Cell Thalassemia HemoglobinopathyImage
68 Early Appearance of Fundus with Central Retinal Artery OcclusionImage
69 Embolus of Inferior Retinal ArteryImage
70 Fundus of a ChildImage
71 Long-standing Embolic (Calcific) Obstruction of the Inferior Temporal ArteryImage
72 Multiple Fresh Emboli (Lipidic)Image
73 Fresh Embolus of Inferior Retinal ArteryImage
74 Fresh Occlusion of the Central Retinal Vein (Central Region)Image
75 Caput Medusae Secondary to Chronic Obstruction of Central Retinal VeinImage
51 - 75 of 175