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1 Tuberous Sclerosis (Bourneville's Disease)ehsl_novel_dgcImage
2 Exudates and Cotton Wool Spotsehsl_novel_dgcImage
3 Massive Exudate and Punctate Hemorrhagesehsl_novel_dgcImage
4 Myelinated Nerve Fibers Restricted to Disc Regionehsl_novel_dgcImage
5 Myelinated Nerve Fibers, Extending onto Retinaehsl_novel_dgcImage
6 Drusenehsl_novel_dgcImage
7 Retinopathy of Moderate Hypertensionehsl_novel_dgcImage
8 Retinopathy of Moderate Hypertensionehsl_novel_dgcImage
9 Retinopathy Secondary to a Pheochromocytomaehsl_novel_dgcImage
10 Severe Hypertensive Retinopathyehsl_novel_dgcImage
11 Fundus of an Adultehsl_novel_dgcImage
12 Angulation at AV Crossingehsl_novel_dgcImage
13 Plaque of Retinal Arteryehsl_novel_dgcImage
14 Choroidal 'Arteriosclerosis'ehsl_novel_dgcImage
15 Tortuosity of Arteriesehsl_novel_dgcImage
16 Late Appearanceehsl_novel_dgcImage
17 Acute Obstruction of the Central Retinal Artery without Involvement of the Cilioretinal Arteryehsl_novel_dgcImage
18 Acute Obstruction of the Cilioretinal Artery without involvement of the Retinal Arteryehsl_novel_dgcImage
19 Acute Occlusion of Central Retinal Artery with Sickle Cell Thalassemia Hemoglobinopathyehsl_novel_dgcImage
20 Early Appearance of Fundus with Central Retinal Artery Occlusionehsl_novel_dgcImage
21 Embolus of Inferior Retinal Arteryehsl_novel_dgcImage
22 Fundus of a Childehsl_novel_dgcImage
23 Long-standing Embolic (Calcific) Obstruction of the Inferior Temporal Arteryehsl_novel_dgcImage
24 Multiple Fresh Emboli (Lipidic)ehsl_novel_dgcImage
25 Fresh Embolus of Inferior Retinal Arteryehsl_novel_dgcImage
1 - 25 of 175