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26 Mr. Reed, Automatic Stoker Co. Men in Truck, 173 East Broadway1927-05-18dha_scnppImage/StillImage
27 A & W Root Beer1926-06-12dha_scnppImage/StillImage
28 Porter-Walton Co., Seed Display Case1920-01-15dha_scnppImage/StillImage
29 Albert Merrill, Pony in Front of Home1929-05-19dha_scnppImage/StillImage
30 H. S. Winterton, Cattle in Strawberry Valley1920-09-04dha_scnppImage/StillImage
31 Halloran Judge Trust Company1933-07-06dha_scnppImage/StillImage
32 Masonic Temple1934-04-26dha_scnppImage/StillImage
33 U.S. Fidelity Co., Wrecked Dodge Car at Johnson Metal Workds1929-08dha_scnppImage/StillImage
34 Standard Oil Company of California1930-10-13dha_scnppImage/StillImage
35 Midwest Distb. Co., Prize Board1924-04-16dha_scnppImage/StillImage
36 Miller Floral Co., Int.1923-03-30dha_scnppImage/StillImage
37 Utah Poultry Prod. Assoc., Box Cars1928-08-07dha_scnppImage/StillImage
38 Hercules Powder Co., Interior of Power Room1920-07-16dha_scnppImage/StillImage
39 Maple Canyon1926-11-01dha_scnppImage/StillImage
40 Goddard1927-01-20dha_scnppImage/StillImage
41 Salt Lake Pressed Brick Co., Ext. Showing Place for Three New Kilns1922-03-01dha_scnppImage/StillImage
42 Utah R. R. Co., Cut of Mile Post No.211927-06-06dha_scnppImage/StillImage
43 Silver King Coal Co., Copy of Deed, Dickson, Ellis & Lucas1920-01-29dha_scnppImage/StillImage
44 N. P. Larson, Copy of 3 Drawings1928-12-03dha_scnppImage/StillImage
45 International Gravitation Screen Co., Screen and Frame1920-05-22dha_scnppImage/StillImage
46 Int. of Toilets at West Side High School, Crane Co.1922-11-27dha_scnppImage/StillImage
47 Sears Specialty Co., Rim Spreader1920-07-19dha_scnppImage/StillImage
48 Geo. A. Linnebach, Group of Men at Mormon Battalion Mon.1927-05-18dha_scnppImage/StillImage
49 The Texas Company1927-01-18dha_scnppImage/StillImage
50 Highland Park L.D.S. Chapel1926-12-08dha_scnppImage/StillImage
26 - 50 of 8,412