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1 Boulder Canyon Project Agreement requesting apportionment of California's share of the waters of the Colorado River among the applicants in the state.wwdl_lclText
2 Boulder Canyon Project Act (Public IC-NO. 642-70th Congress)[H.R. 5773]wwdl_lclText
3 Colorado River Storage Project -- authority to construct, operate and maintain: Chapter 203, Public Law 485 [S. 500]wwdl_lclText
4 Digest of federal resource laws of interest to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Colorado River Basin Water Project Act.wwdl_lclText
5 Colorado River Storage Project Act: 43 U.S.C. -- 620-620o, April 11, 1956, as amended 1962, 1964, 1968 and 1980.wwdl_lclText
6 Act to authorize the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Colorado River Basin project, and for other purposes: Public Law 90-537 90th Congress, S. 1004 September 30, 1968.wwdl_lclText
7 Act to authorize the construction, operation, and maintenance of certain works in the Colorado River Basin to control the salinity of water delivered to users in the United States and Mexico: Public Law 93-320 June 24, 1974wwdl_lclText
8 Adaptive management program -- using science to manage river resources in Grand Canyon: Colorado River Storage Projectwwdl_lclText
9 Upper Colorado River Basin Compact, 1948wwdl_lclText
10 Colorado River: Utah's perspectivewwdl_lclText
11 Law of the River [summary]wwdl_lclText
12 Supreme Court of the United States, no. 8, original: State of Arizona, plaintiff vs. State of California, et al., defendents: decree, March 9, 1964wwdl_lclText
13 Colorado River Compact operations, administration, and compliancewwdl_lclText
14 State of Arizona, Plaintiff, v. State of California, et al.: on joint motion to enter supplemental decree and motions for leave to intervene [January 9, 1979] No. 8, Orig.wwdl_lclText
15 Caifornia Colorado River Water Agreement: the honorable Gale A. Norton, Secretary of the Interior, remarks at formal signing ceremony, Hoover Dam, October 16, 2003wwdl_lclText
16 Criteria for coordinated long-range operation of Colorado River reservoirs pursuant to the Colorado River Basin Project Act of September 30, 1968 (P.L. 90-537)wwdl_lclText
17 Minute no. 242: Permanent and definitive solution to the international problem of the salinity of the Colorado Riverwwdl_lclText
18 Utilization of waters of the Colorado and Tijuana Rivers and of the Rio Grande: treaty between the United States of America and Mexico, and protocolwwdl_lclText
19 Colorado River Compact, 1922wwdl_lclText
20 Accounting for consumptive use of lower Colorado River water in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utahwwdl_lclText
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