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1 Summary of information on synthetic organic compounds and trace elements in tissue of aquatic biota, Clark Fork-Pend Oreille and Spokane River Basins, Montana, Idaho, and Washington, 1974–96wwdl_erText
2 Surface-Water Quality-Assurance Plan for the Washington District, U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Disciplinewwdl_erText
3 Quality assurrance project plan for the Midnite Mine phase 1 RI/FS Stevens County, Washington: Revision 1 including addendum (Revision 1.1, November 12, 1999)wwdl_er
4 Estimated domestic, irrigation, and industrial water use in Washington, 2000wwdl_erText
5 Concepts for monitoring water quality in the Spokane River Basin, Northern Idaho and Eastern Washingtonwwdl_erText
6 Preliminary assessment of infiltration rates and effects on water quality of selected infiltration media for use in highway runoff retention basins in Washington Statewwdl_erText
7 Use of a precipitation-runoff model to simulate natural streamflow conditions in the Methow River Basin, Washingtonwwdl_erText
8 Pesticides in surface water of the Yakima River Basin, Washington, 1999–2000—Their occurrence and an assessment of factors affecting concentrations and loadswwdl_erText
9 Occurrence and distribution of dissolved trace elements in the surface waters of the Yakima River Basinwwdl_erText
10 Comparison of passive diffusion bag samplers and submersible pump sampling methods for monitoring volatile organic compounds in ground water at Area 6, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washingtonwwdl_erText
11 Preliminary assessment of using tree-tissue analysis and passive diffusion samplers to evaluate trichloroethene contamination of ground water at Site SS-34N, McChord Air Force Base, Washington, 2001wwdl_erText
12 Characterization of instream hydraulic and riparian habitat conditions and stream temperatures of the Upper White River Basin, Washington, using multispectral imaging systemswwdl_erText
13 Concentrations and loads of suspended sediment and nutrients in surface water of the Yakima River Basin, Washington, 1999-2000 – with an analysis of trends in concentrationswwdl_erText
14 Water temperature, specific conductance, pH, and dissolved-oxygen concentrations in the lower White River and the Puyallup River estuary, Washington, August-October 2002wwdl_erText
15 Updating flood maps efficiently using existing hydraulic models, very-high-accuracy elevation data, and a geographic information system— a pilot study on the Nisqually River, Washingtonwwdl_erText
16 Precipitation-runoff simulations of current and natural streamflow conditions in the Methow River Basin, Washingtonwwdl_erText
17 Phosphorus and E. coli in the Fanno and Bronson Creek subbasins of the Tualatin River Basin, Oregon, during summer low-flow conditions, 1996wwdl_erText
18 Effects of hypothetical management scenarios on simulated water temperatures in the Tualatin River, Oregonwwdl_erText
19 The effect of calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) deicing material on the water quality of Bear Creek, Clackamas County, Oregon, 1999wwdl_erText
20 Data-collection methods, quality-assurance data, and site considerations for total dissolved gas monitoring, lower Columbia River, Oregon and Washington, 2000wwdl_erText
21 Processes controlling dissolved oxygen and pH in the upper Willamette River Basin, Oregon, 1994wwdl_erText
22 Age of ground water in basalt aquifers near Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery, Skamania County, Washingtonwwdl_erText
23 Water-temperature, specific-conductance, and meteorological data for the Tualatin River Basin, Oregon, 1994–95wwdl_erText
24 Hydrogeologic setting and preliminary estimates of hydrologic components for Bull Run Lake and the Bull Run Lake drainage basin, Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, Oregonwwdl_erText
25 Occurrence of selected trace elements and organic compounds and their relation to land use in the Willamette River Basin, Oregon, 1992–94wwdl_erText
1 - 25 of 270