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1 Drunkard's path quiltuum_uqhrText
2 Delectable mountains quiltuum_uqhrText
3 Flower Garden quilt, by Alice Maxinie Perkings Kempuum_uqhrText
4 Handkerchief quilt by Orilla Liston Cowlesuum_uqhrText
5 Sister's Choice (Variation)-Signature quiltuum_uqhrText
6 Star quilt by Eliza Anne Blackburn Hughesuum_uqhrText
7 Roman Blocks quilt, by Marsha Duceuum_uqhrText
8 Star quilt by Unknow quilteruum_uqhrText
9 Lone star quilt by Susan Alvey Heapsuum_uqhrText
10 Whole Cloth quilt, by Laura E. Christensen Gyllenskoguum_uqhrText
11 Bordered square in a square variation by Mary Ellen Morris Hunteruum_uqhrText
12 Log Cabin-Straight Furrows quilt, by Hannah Eleota Mason Macfarlaneuum_uqhrText
13 Sixteen Patch quilt by Unknown quilteruum_uqhrText
14 Boston Commons quilt, by Alice Maxine Perkins Kempuum_uqhrText
15 Double nine patch quilt by Mae Crosby Whiteuum_uqhrText
16 Brick Trip Around the World quilt by Unknown quilteruum_uqhrText
17 Nine patch in strips quilt by Unknown quilteruum_uqhrText
18 Handkerchief quiltuum_uqhrText
19 True lover's knot quilt by the Escalante Relief Societyuum_uqhrText
20 Log cabin straght furrows quilt by Sarah Ann Justin Hydeuum_uqhrText
21 Applique quilt by Anne Wilcox Madsenuum_uqhrText
22 Silk Crazy Patch quilt by Nora Rae Crow Pechacekuum_uqhrText
23 Bow tie quiltuum_uqhrText
24 Double Irish chain quilt by Mary Ann Smith Farberuum_uqhrText
25 Log Cabin-Pineapple Setting quilt by Unknown quilteruum_uqhrText
1 - 25 of 1,616