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1 Proposed residence for Mr. & Mrs. E. Baker Port, Hurricane, Utahuum_rwypImage/StillImage
2 Commercial Club, Salt Lake Cityuum_rwypImage/StillImage
3 Drawings & details, residence, Salt Lake City, B. F. Tibbyuum_rwypImage/StillImage
4 Addition to the Ensign School buildinguum_rwypImage/StillImage
5 Edward P. Young renderingsuum_rwypImage/StillImage
6 Residence for Mr. & Mrs. F. J. McCluskey to be erected at Lindenwood Ave., Saint Louis, Missouriuum_rwypImage/StillImage
7 Residence remodeling for Kenneth / Heidi Sugden and family, 157 E. 1400 South, Bountiful, Utahuum_rwypImage/StillImage
8 Residence plans for Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Reimann, to be built at 13 So. Penn St., Salt Lake City, UTuum_rwypImage/StillImage
9 Assignment plans, the Archives Building: Pennsylvania Ave to Constitution Ave - Seventh to Ninth Street, Washington, D.C.uum_rwypImage/StillImage
10 Midwest Inter-Library center, Chicago, Illinoisuum_rwypImage/StillImage
11 Elementary school at 3700 South 1100 EaSt for the Granite School District, Salt Lake, Utahuum_rwypImage/StillImage
12 Beauty salon, second floor, Z. C. M. I., Salt Lake City, Utahuum_rwypImage/StillImage
13 New residence for Mr. & Mrs. Bertram T. Willis Residence, 535 C Street, Salt Lake City, Utahuum_rwypImage/StillImage
14 Orphans home and day nurseryuum_rwypImage/StillImage
15 Residence remolding for Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Young, 1846 Sunnyside Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utahuum_rwypImage/StillImage
16 A Residence for Dr. G. Gill Richards on "A" Street and 7th Aveuum_rwypImage/StillImage
17 Residence for Mr. & Mrs. Glen A. Robinson, 1196 E. Mill Brook Way, Bountifuluum_rwypImage/StillImage
18 Addition to Holladay Grade School, Holladay, Utah, Granite School Districtuum_rwypImage/StillImage
19 Restoration, Jacob Hamblin home, Santa Clara, Utahuum_rwypImage/StillImage
20 Brigham Young carriage house, St. George, Utah (1853)uum_rwypImage/StillImage
21 The Three Fountains of Cottonwooduum_rwypImage/StillImage
22 Residence remodeling for Greg & Margo Panos, 1749 Millbrook Road, Salt Lake City, Utah; A Garden design for the home grounds of Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Allen, 1749 Millbrook Rd., Salt Lake City, Utah; A garden planting plan for the home grounds of Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Allen, 1749 Millbrook Rd., Salt Lake City, Utahuum_rwypImage/StillImage
23 Miscellaneous drawings by Richard W. Young: Salt Lake City developmentsuum_rwypImage/StillImage
24 Salt Lake City maps from the Richard W. Young collectionuum_rwypImage/StillImage
25 Sherwood Oaks Condominiumsuum_rwypImage/StillImage
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