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1 Carlos S. Higgins title transfer, 1893, Elsinore, Utahuum_nhpText
2 Five generations in one familyuum_nhpText
3 Nelson Higgins elected Justice of Peace in Richfield, August 1873uum_nhpText
4 Nancy M. Higgins patriarchal blessing, 1859uum_nhpText
5 Patriarchal blessings of Nelson Higgins, 1836, 1859, and 1879uum_nhpText
6 Three sketches of the life of Nelson Higginsuum_nhpText
7 Patriarchal blessings of Sarah Higgins, 1836 and 1859uum_nhpText
8 July twenty-fourth, Pioneer Day, and our year of jubilee: grand historical celebration, Salt Lake City, Utahuum_nhpText
9 Margaret Dunkin patriarchal blessing, 1851uum_nhpText
10 Sketch of the life of Nelson Higginsuum_nhpText
11 Brand recording and receipts of Nancy and Lewis Higginsuum_nhpText
12 Memories of our livesuum_nhpText
13 Cainuum_nhpText
14 Talk given by Foy Lewis Higgins at 31st annual meeting, Mormon Battalion, Murray, Utah, 1987uum_nhpText
15 Nelson Higgins certificate of ordination, 31 March 1836uum_nhpText
16 Nelson Higgins commission as colonel in Illinois State Militia,uum_nhpText
17 Homestead deed for Nelson Higgins, 1887uum_nhpText
18 Nancy M. Higgins pension application papers, 1891 - 1909uum_nhpText
19 Commission of Nelson Higgins as Major of Infantry Battalion of San Pete Military Districtuum_nhpText
20 Claim of Nelson Higgins for destruction of property by Utah Indiansuum_nhpText
21 Elder's certificate for Nelson Higgins for his mission to Carson Valley, 10 April 1856uum_nhpText
22 To Chairman of Sanpete County Convention, 1861uum_nhpText
23 Returns of Company A. Moroni Battalion, May 5, 1864uum_nhpText
24 Richfield, Utah, petition to Utah Legislative Assembly, signed by Nelson Higgins, 9 January 1865uum_nhpText
25 Get ready to go after Indians letter, Blackhawk Waruum_nhpText
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