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1 Correspondence dated 13 Sept. 1971 from Aziz Atiya to A. Ray Olpin with memorandumuum_asapText
2 Holdings of the Middle East Collection.uum_asapText
3 Correspondence from and to Aziz Atiya regarding the naming of the Middle East library dated Dec. 1964uum_asapText
4 Report on the Middle East Center library dated Oct. 1966uum_asapText
5 Reports concerning Middle East collections dated May 1971uum_asapText
6 Correspondence dated 1964-1965 regarding a shipment of books.uum_asapText
7 Board of Regents questions for Aziz Atiya, and his replies.uum_asapText
8 University of Utah bulletin dated 9 October 1967 discussing one million volumes to be moved in Decemberuum_asapText
9 University of Utah Libraries News Letter, vol. 1, no. 4, October-December 1972uum_asapText
10 University of Utah Libraries collection of articles David Pierpoint Gardneruum_asapText
11 Report on library services that support Middle East studies dated July 1974uum_asapText
12 University of Utah Libraries News Letter, vol. 5, no. 4, dated October-December 1976uum_asapText
13 Information about the Middle East Library, Univ. of Utah, and its holdings.uum_asapText
14 Report on holdings of the University of Utah Middle Eastern studies field, 1967-68uum_asapText
15 Letter, with enclosed memorandum, dated 10 September 1965 from Ali Zamouri to Marian Sheetsuum_asapText
16 Letters from 1963-1964, to and from Dr. Aziz S. Atiya with the subject being Mr. Matti Moosauum_asapText
17 Letters dated February 1968 involving the correspondents Dr. Aziz S. Atiya and Dr. Charles J. Adams with Fawzi M. Tadros as the subjectuum_asapText
18 Miscellaneous correspondence dated 1966-1979 related to library positionsuum_asapText
19 Application form for DSP-66 enclosed with Curriculum of Professor Hashim Amir Ali, of Hyderabad, Indiauum_asapText
20 Correspondent letters from February 1968 between Dr. Aziz S. Atiya and Dr. Farhat J. Ziadehuum_asapText
21 Correspondence between Dr. Aziz Atiya, Winnifred Margetts and Wadie Jwaideh regarding employment referencesuum_asapText
22 Reference letters by Dr. Aziz S. Atiya for candidates to fill library positions at McGill University and The University of Texas at Austinuum_asapText
23 Correspondence regarding Mourad D. Guirguis' job applications.uum_asapText
24 Reference letters by and reference letters requests to Dr. Aziz Atiyauum_asapText
25 Correspondence dated February and March 1968 between Dr. Aziz Atiya and J. Reuben Clarkuum_asapText
1 - 25 of 495