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1 Agenda for Near East committee and Christian study seminar, Princeton Theological Seminary, Oct. 3 and 4, 19571957-10-03; 1957-10-04Text
2 Air letter dated 16 January 1953 to Dr. Atiya from Philip K. Hitti1953-01-16Text
3 Air letter dated 18 February 1951 to Dr. Atiya from James Robson1951-02-18Text
4 Air letter in French dated 8 August 1950 to Dr. Atiya from Georg Maldfeld1950-08-08Text
5 American Correspondence to Aziz Atiya, card and letter, November 19521952-11-14Text
6 Ancient scrolls donated to U Middle East collection.1975-09-17Text
7 Announcement of a lecture by Aziz Atiya1950; 1950-03-19Text
8 Application for DSP-66 from Hashim Amir Ali.1979Text
9 Application form for DSP-66 enclosed with Curriculum of Professor Hashim Amir Ali, of Hyderabad, India1979Text
10 Application of Abdou Saad Zahran for Middle East Center position and reply letter from Dr. Aziz Atiya with letter in Arabic1965; 1966-04-27Text
11 Archives from 1961-1962 relating to American Institute of Indian Studies1961-10; 1962Text
12 Article dated 8 December 1964 about official naming of the Aziz Atiya Middle East Library1964-12-08Text
13 Article dated 26 March 1970 from LC Information Bulletin, Vol. 29, No. 12, involving the death of Myron Bement Smith1970-03-26Text
14 Article from Time, dated 20 April 1970 about Wendell Phillips and oil exploration in Indonesia1970-04-20Text
15 Articles dated 24 Dec. 1949 from the Arab News Agency about Mount Sinai Manuscript Project1949-12-24Text
16 Articles from February and March 1970 about Wendell Phillips and Indonesia's oil and gas1970-02-19; 1970-03Text
17 Atiya Correspondence, 19511951-02-03Text
18 Bampton Lectures Booklet1975-02-26; 1957-02-28; 1957-03-05; 1957-03-07Text
19 Board of Regents inquiries into naming the Aziz S. Atiya Library1964Text
20 Board of Regents questions for Aziz Atiya, and his replies.1965Text
21 Book review of The World of Islam.1960Text
22 Book Shipment List dated 20 December 1961 listing various books and authors1961-12-20Text
23 The Center for Intercultural Studies, University of Utah, Presents, The Mount Sinai Expedition Display, The Museum of Art, University of Michigan1960; 1961; 1962; 1963; 1964; 1965; 1966; 1967; 1968; 1969; 1970Text
24 Check payment for books purchased from Middle East Center1966Text
25 Christmas card and envelope, 1946-19471946; 1947Text; Image/StillImage
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