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1 Plate 1Richard Hovendon Kern
2 Plate 2The Far West: explorations of the country from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean
3 Plate 3Letter from Beckwith to Schumann
4 Plate 4Camp No. 1 near Westport, June 20-53
5 Plate 5Camp no. 1
6 Plate 6From 82.0 on Mission and Kansas River, sketch
7 Plate 7Photograph of Mission Creek near its confluence with the Kansas River.
8 Plate 8Mission Creek and Kansas River: composite sketch and photograph
9 Plate 9Kansas River
10 Plate 10Uniontown, Kaw River
11 Plate 11Fort Centre or Riley, junction of Smoky Hill and Republican Fork
12 Plate 12Junction of the Smoky Hill and Republican river
13 Plate 13Junction of Smoky Hill and Republican Fork, composite of drawing and photograph
14 Plate 14Crossing Saline Creek, July 7th 1853, sketch
15 Plate 15Crossing Saline July 7th, 1853, sketch
16 Plate 16Elk Island, Arkansas, July 20th
17 Plate 17Arkansas Plains, sketch
18 Plate 18Bent's Fort, sketch
19 Plate 19Bent's Fort (reconstruction), photograph
20 Plate 20Bent's Fort, composite sketch and photograph
21 Plate 21Plains (three sketches)
22 Plate 22Plains and distant mountains, panorama of three sketches
23 Plate 23Fields and distant mountains, panoramic photograph
24 Plate 24Plains and distant mountains panorama, composite photograph and three sketches
25 Plate 25Bluff on Arkansas, Aug 1st, sketch
1 - 25 of 396