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1 Major element geochemistry of Lake Powelluu_gcText
2 The prospects for Navajo taxation of non-Indiansuu_gcText
3 Kaiparowits handbook: coal resources: interim reportuu_gcText
4 Employment benefits from rural industrializatiouu_gcText
5 The Navajo Environmental Protection Commission and the environmental impact statementuu_gcText
6 Macroinvertebrates and diatoms on submerged bottom substrates, Lake Powelluu_gcText
7 A survey of fertility histories and contraceptive use among a group of Navajo womenuu_gcText
8 Shoreline ecology of Lake Powelluu_gcText
9 The relationship of economic variations to mortality and fertility patterns on the Navajo reservationuu_gcText
10 Some social consequences of boomtownsuu_gcText
11 The effect of Lake Powell on dissolved silica cycling in the Colorado Riveruu_gcText
12 Air quality in the Lake Powell regionuu_gcText
13 Demographic change among the Hopi and Navajo Indiansuu_gcText
14 Scientific information in the decision to dam Glen Canyonuu_gcText
15 Utah coal for southern California power: the general issuesuu_gcText
16 Survey of Navajo community studies, 1936-1974uu_gcText
17 Management of scientific collaboration in the Lake Powell Research Projectuu_gcText
18 Sedimentation in Lake Powelluu_gcText
19 The impact of power developments on the Navajo nationuu_gcText
20 Navajo participation in labor unionsuu_gcText
21 Analysis of metallic cations in the Lake Powell ecosystem and tributariesuu_gcText
22 Theoretical analysis of air quality: impacts on the Lake Powell regionuu_gcText
23 Mercury in the Lake Powell ecosystemuu_gcText
24 Shoreline surface materials and geological strata, Lake Powelluu_gcText
25 A case analysis of policy implementation: the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969uu_gcText
1 - 25 of 378