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1 Keiter, Robert; Ruple, John; Tanana, Heather; Kline, MichelleLand and Resource Management Issues Relevant to Deploying In-Situ Thermal Technologies2011-01
2 Keiter, Robert; Ruple, John; Holt, Rebecca; Tanana, HeatherLands with Wilderness Characteristics, Resource Management Plan Contraints, and Land Exchanges: Cross-Jurisdictional Management and Impacts on unconventional Fuel Development in Utah's Uinta Basin2012-03
3 Mallat, ChibliCommercial Law in the Middle East: Between Classical Transactions and Modern Business2000-01
4 Chodosh, Hiram; Mallat, ChibliPakistan and Lebanon: The Same Struggle2008-01-04
5 Brillon, Alicia ; Craigle, ValeriAutomated Library Services: One Law Library's Experience2013-09
6 Mallat, ChibliSpecial Dossier on the Sabra and Shatila Case in Belgium2005
7 Reitze, Arnold W.Federal Control of Carbon Dioxide Emissions: What are the Options?2009-08-01
8 Chodosh, Hiram E.Corruption and Its Challenges: The Battle to Stop a Universal Problem2009-09-25
9 Mallat, ChibliReconciliation in Iraq: Taking the Constitution Seriously2009-07-16
10 Adler, Robert W.Drought, Sustainability, and the Law2010-07-15
11 Ruple, John; Keiter, RobertPolicty Analysis of Water Availability and Use Issues for Domestic Oil Shale and Oil Sands Development2012-03
12 Hogue, Michael T.; Keiter, Robert B.; Ruple, John; Uchitel, KirstenAnalysis of Environmental, Legal, Socioeconomic and Policy Issues Critical to the Development of Commercial Oil Shale Leasing on the Public Lands in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming under the Mandates of the Energy Policy Act of 20052010-01
13 Zan Gao

Gao, Z., & Podlog, L<. (2012). Urban Latino Children's Physical Activity Levels and Performance in Interactive Dance Games: Effects of Goal Difficulty and Goal Specificity.  Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, 166, 933-937. <

14 Leslie Podlog

Podlog, L., Kleinert, J., Dimmock, J., Miller, J. & Shipherd, A. (2012). A parental perspective on adolescent injury recovery and return to sport experiences. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 24, <.<

15 Mariam Thalos

A Theory of Freedom. Forthcoming in Theoria.<

16 James Dimmock

Dimmock, J., Jackson, B., Podlog, L<., & Magaraggia, C. (2012). The effect of variety expectations on interest, enjoyment, and locus of causality in exercise. Motivation and Emotion. <

17 Fang X.Predicting Adoption Probabilities in Social Networks.2012-09-01
18 Dearing, Maria-Denise[Dearing_Database_Pilot]2013-03-08Biology
19 Rodin, Ernst A.Prognosis of Patients with EpilepsyNeurology
20 Digre, Kathleen B.Novel mechanism for benign essential blepharospasm.1999-11-15Neurology
21 Rodin, Ernst A.Prognosis of Patients with Epilepsy
22 Khan, Faisal HabibTransfer function mapping for a grid connected PV system using reverse synthesis technique2013-01-01Electrical & Computer Engineering
23 Liu, FengEffects of Li doping on H-diffusion in MgH2: A first-principles study2013-01-01Materials Science & Engineering
24 Henderson, Thomas C.Analysis of topographic maps for recreational purposes using decision trees2013-01-01Computing, School of
25 Kirby, Robert MichaelVerifying volume rendering using discretization error analysis2014-01-01Computing, School of
1 - 25 of 10,820