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1 Quantitative real time PCR assay for the detection of human herpes 6.ir_uspaceText
2 Eclipse probe assay for the detection of mycoplasma pneumoniae.ir_uspaceText
3 Flightir_uspaceImage
4 Motherboard IIIir_uspaceImage
5 Temple Riderir_uspaceImage
6 Bridge IIir_uspaceImage
7 Academiair_uspaceImage
8 Olefin chemistry in a premixed n-heptane flameir_uspaceText
9 Parkir_uspaceImage
10 Stepsir_uspaceImage
11 NMR experiments and molecular dynamics simulations of the segmental dynamics of polystyreneir_uspaceText
12 An analysis of foundation giving in Utah, 2007-2009ir_uspaceText; Image
13 Mutant Tide Pool with Genetically Modified Corn Fish and Lobsterir_uspaceImage
14 Reliquary II (detail)ir_uspaceImage
15 Conformational properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride). A quantum chemistry study of model compoundsir_uspaceText
16 Preserving, promoting and presenting research posters: USpace’s new poster archiving serviceir_uspaceText
17 Where Lies the Border Between Us?ir_uspaceImage
18 Rickett's/Staten Island/The Black Horse (Hornpipes)ir_uspaceSound
19 Red Appleir_uspaceImage
20 Direct ab initio dynamics studies of the hydrogen abstraction reactions of hydrogen atom with fluoromethanesir_uspaceText
21 Curing, view from the southeast cornerir_uspaceImage
22 Ab initio calculations of reactive pathways for ?-octahydro-1,3,5,7-tetranitro-1,3,5,7-tetrazocine (?-HMX)ir_uspaceText
23 Estimating realistic confidence intervals for the activation energy determined from thermoanalytical measurementsir_uspaceText
24 Vickiir_uspaceImage
25 Shoppingir_uspaceImage
1 - 25 of 10,834