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1 Hot water extraction of bitumen from Utah tar sandsir_euar
2 Catalytic cracking of Asphalt Ridge bitumenir_euarText
3 Techniques of analysis of tar sand bitumensir_euar
4 Pollutant formation in premixed and diffusion flames of paraffinic fuels using the reduced Utah Surrogate Mechanismsir_euar
5 Sulfur compounds in oils from the Western Canada Tar Beltir_euar
6 Characterization of macromolecular structure elements from a Green River oil shale-(I. extracts)ir_euar
7 Influence of chemical factors on primary processing of Utah tar sand bitumenir_euarText
8 Characteristics of tar sand bitumen asphaltenes and the effect of asphaltenes on conversion of bitumen by hydropyrolysisir_euarText
9 Characterization of a Utah tar sand bitumenir_euarText
10 Processing of tar sand bitumens--part 2: Catalytic cracking of Asphalt Ridge bitumenir_euar
11 Development of oil shale in the Green River Formationir_euar
12 The unconventional petroleum resources of Californiair_euar
13 Reservoir description of the clearwater oil sand Cold Lake, Alberta Canadair_euar
14 Oil-sand and heavy-oil potential of Oklahomair_euar
15 Radio-frequency heating to recover oil from Utah tar sandsir_euar
16 Chemical evaluation of product oils from two in-situ tar sand oil recovery projectsir_euar
17 Oil sands: Reservoir or orebody?ir_euar
18 A preliminary estimate of world heavy crude oil and bitumen resourcesir_euarText
19 Pilot plant program for upgrading heavy oils by hydropyrolysisir_euar
20 Pilot plant recovery of bitumen from oil-wet tar sandsir_euar
21 Characteristics of the PR Spring Tar Sand deposit, Uinta Basin, Utah, U.S.A.ir_euarText
22 A steamflood in a Utah tar sand, U.S.A.ir_euarText
1 - 25 of 22