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1 GCS: A graphical front end to ASSASSINThis thesis reports on the development and implementation of a graphical front end to ASSASSIN. This menu-driven system runs in a PSL environment, on the Apollo Domain System.ASSASSIN; menu-driven systems; PSL environment; apollo domain system; computers1983-08
2 The Efficient Modeling of Processor Behavior and PerformanceSimulation models of digital computers span a broad range of capabilities. At one end are drastically simplified models that are very efficient. At the other end are executable register transfer models with a typical simulation overhead of two or three orders of magnitude. The Simon Simulation and simulation; microprocessors; direct execution simulation; computer performance models1985-12
3 E-MO : a system for automatically generating emotive-motionsA system is developed to automatically generate control functions for linked mechanisms that express specific emotions. This system could be employed to produce motions for characters in a computer animation. It takes advantage of the fact that evaluation functions, which take physical characteristi...1995-03
4 Accurate capacitance and resistance extractionA novel approach to solving the accurate capacitance and resistance extraction problem in integrated circuits is presented as a combination of a custom language and a kit of circuit analysis primitives. This approach is targeted toward the analysis of circuit interconnect and the determination of fr...integrated circuits; electric resistance1993-03
5 Constraint kernels: constraints and dependencies in a geometric modeling systemThis thesis describes the use of algebraic constraints and functional dependencies in the context of a geometric modeling system.geometric modeling system; functional dependencies; algebraic constraints; computers1987-08
6 Optimization as Transformations: A Compiler ParadigmThis thesis describes the high-level transformation phase of a prototype PSL compiler. EPIC The transformations are separated into two classes: machine dependent code generation, and machine independent code optimization. The code generation phase transforms an intermediate representation of a progr...PSL compiler; EPIC; machine dependent code generator ; machine independent code optimization1985-08
7 Computer-Aided Geometric Design Based Three-Dimensional Object Representations For Computer VisionModel-based recognition is one of the key paradigms in the field of computer vision and pattern recognition. However, at present there is an absence of a systematic approach to build vision models for a large class of three-dimensional (3-D) objects used in industrial environments. Computer-Aided vision; model based recognition; pattern recognition1988-12
8 Towards a language independent object systemThis thesis proposes a solution to the problem of mixed language programming in an object-oriented environment that centers around an object specification that can describe the features of objects in a language independent fashion. Also, a stub generator which reads this specification and creates me...object-oriented programming; mixed language programming; programming; computers; object-oriented environment; stub generator1991-06
9 Image Recognition Using Generalized CorrelationThis paper investigates the use of generalized cross-correlation in pattern matching when the objects may be of one or two dimensions. Generalized correlation can be used to determine the amount of dilatation and rotation between a given template and an object, in addition to determining the relativ...1977-08
10 A User Interface Model and Tools for Geometric DesignPoor user interfaces discourage potential users from effectively utilizing the design capabilities of geometric modeling systems. Because of the complex nature of the underlying representations in such systems, a well structured user interface model, as well as useful and intuitive design tools, are...user interface; computer systems; computer-aided design
11 Synthesis, Verification and Optimization of Systolic ArraysSystolic arrays are a class of parallel architectures consisting of regular interconnections of a very large number of simple processors, each one operating on a small part of the problem. They are typically designed to be used as back-end. special-purpose devices for computation-intensive architecture; systolic array; VLSI1986-12
12 Design of a Self-Timed, Pipelined, Floating Point Multiplier in Gallium ArsenideThis thesis presents the design of a self-timed, floating point multiplier in Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) technology. It implements the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) single precision standard. Self-timed design methodology offers some advantages over a synchronous approach, esp...gallium arsenide; floating point multiplier; GaAs; GaAs technology1994-06
13 An automated wire routing kernelThe kernel described here is based on using pattern matching techniques for describing algorithms. The use of patterns permits different physical constraints and properties to be considered. In addition, the abstraction provided by patterns allows the ability to transform oddly shaped routing areas ...computers; kernel functions1991-07
14 Interaction with constraints in three-dimensional modelingThe purpose of this thesis is to simplify and improve the efficiency of the interactive definition of geometric objects in computer aided geometric modeling. To achieve this goal two ways of defining geometric objects are combined and interfaced: 1) the definition of objects by interactive construct...three-dimensional modeling; computers1991-05
15 Localization in outdoor static terrain (LOST)This thesis considers problems that arise while combining these strategies with a feature based approach to the localization problem. A subset of strategies were simplified and implemented, along with key feature based concepts. This experimentation has helped to point out and clarify some aspects o...localization problem; LOST; localization; computers1995-12
16 Numerical weather prediction model for distributing computing systemsThe objectives of this research are twofold: One is to develop and implement a spectral numerical weather prediction model using parallel algorithms. The other objective is to examine a parallel paradigm that allows users to write parallel scientific algorithms easily and predictions; spectral numerical weather predictions; weather prediction model; parallel algorithms; computers1991-08
17 The persistent object system MetaStore : persistence via metaprogrammingObject intensive applications require persistence of complex objects. Many of these applications also use vast amounts of data, often exceeding a machine's virtual memory, MetaStore is a portable, persistent object system designed to solve these problems.; MetaStore uses the metaprogramming faciliti...1992-06
18 Design and implementation of a portable shared memory serverProcesses communicate between one another using mechanisms like message passing, files, shared memory, etc. In current systems, shared memory is not commonly used even though it has many advantages over message passing and file sharing such as simplicity, efficiency, and lower space overhead. This t...memory management; portable shared memory server1994-12
19 The Many Faces of IntrospectionIn psychology, introspection is a common term meaning an examination of one's own thought process and sensory experience. Similarly, introspection in computer systems enables a computer to examine its own computational behavior. A computer that ""understands"" its own behavior, an introspective comp...1992-04
20 UNIDEC AssemblerThe report discusses the UNIDEC assembler which runs on the UNIVAC 1108 and passes assembled PDP-8 code over the electronic link between the two machines.1968-06-06
21 Real-time measurement of multiple three-dimensional positionsAbstract: This paper describes a priori digital speech analysis. This method takes advantage of the quasi-periodic nature of voice speech sounds to reduce the amount of computation needed to obtain the analysis parameters. The vocal tract is modeled as an all-pole digital filter (predictive coding)...light-emitting diodes; photomultiplier1973-06
22 TICL : a Type Inference System for Common LispMost current Common Lisp compilers generate more efficient code when supplied with data type information. However, in keeping with standard Lisp programming style, most programmers are reluctant to provide type information; they simply allow the run-time type system to manage the data types accordin...compilers; LISP; type interface; TICL1989-03
23 Computer Illustration of Three Dimensional Sculptured SurfacesThe information content in computer generated images is often overwhelming to visually interpret. To better communicate the overall shape information of a given model, current techniques for creation of wireframes, shaded renderings. and painted images need to be augmented and used cooperatively. A graphics; computer generated image1990-08
24 A graphical workstation and programming environment for data-driven computationThis dissertation reports on the development of a prototype programming environment for a graphical programming language to support data-driven style of computation. Emphasis is on the need for tools to assist in the development of nontrivial graphical programs.graphical programming language; data-driven style; computation; computers1983-03
25 Constraint driven synthesis of hardware designDesign synthesis (or Synthetic Design) is an attractive alternative to manual design, due to the obvious benefits of decreased development time and correctness by construction. Unfortunately, the price for this automation has frequently been inefficient designs and a narrow range of application. synthesis; constraint driven synthesis; constraints; computers1983-08
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