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1 Applicative updating and provisional computation in functional programmingir_computersaText
2 A general model for the user interface of screen editorsir_computersaText
3 TWEAK: A three-dimensional toolkit and modeling system using snapping and constraintsir_computersaText
4 Parallel solution of Poisson's problems on irregular domain.ir_computersaText
5 2D knowledge based vision systemir_computersaText
6 Constraint driven synthesis of hardware designir_computersaText
7 Parallel path consistencyir_computersaText
8 Numerical weather prediction model for distributing computing systemsir_computersaText
9 An automated wire routing kernelir_computersaText
10 A graphical workstation and programming environment for data-driven computationir_computersaText
11 Surface perturbations for texture mappingir_computersaText
12 Numerical Control Milling Machine Toolpath Generation for Regions Bounded by Free Form Curves and Surfacesir_computersaText
13 Computer Illustration of Three Dimensional Sculptured Surfacesir_computersaText
14 Optimization as Transformations: A Compiler Paradigmir_computersaText
15 Modelling complex objects with generalized sweepsir_computersaText
16 From Algebraic Specifications to Correct VLSI Systemsir_computersaText
17 Sisyphus, an environment for simulationir_computersaText
18 Feature-based reverse engineeringir_computersaText
19 Implementation of SCMAID: A Microprogrammer's Assistant for Concurrent Soft Controlled Microarchitecturesir_computersaText
20 Approximating data with parametric B-splines for computer aided designir_computersaText
21 An asynchronous floating point unitir_computersaText
22 Behavioral simulation from high-level specificationsir_computersaText
23 A framework for hardware design analysis and synthesis using VHDLir_computersaText
24 A pipelined architecture for ray tracingir_computersaText
25 Load balancing and fault tolerance in applicative systemsir_computersaText
1 - 25 of 160