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1 2D knowledge based vision systemA knowledge based approach to computer vision provides the needed flexibility for performing recognition and inspection of objects in a complex environment. A system is described which uses knowledge about the environment, sensors, and performance requirements to construct a functional configuration...computers; visual system; 2-Dimensional; 2-D1987-07
2 3-D Design of Free-Form B-Spline SurfacesThis report describes an experimental system for designing free-form B-spline surfaces using a head-mounted display. In this system, the interaction with the surfaces takes place in three dimensions as the designed object's shape is updated in real-time. The report also examines some of the problems...1974-09
3 A cell-based approach to hierarchical interdomain VLSI designThis dissertation presents a new design environment for VLSI circuits that is based upon a unification of the physical and structural design domains. Unlike conventional design approaches that divide the VLSI design process into disjoint structural and physical design phases, this new environment is...1992-06
4 A Computer Program to Plot an Isometric Projection of a Solution Space SurfaceSubroutine ISOPLT was developed for the computer produced CALCOMP display of a solution space surface. The solution space, for the sample plots given in Appendix B, is that of various flow functions of a time dependent, viscous, incompressible fluid flow for various boundary configurations. Also sho...1968-08
5 A Constant Percentage Bandwidth Transform for Acoustic Signal ProcessingThis paper describes a constant percentage bandwidth transform for acoustic signal processing. Such a transform is shown to emulate behavior found in the human auditory system. A synthesis transformation is developed which, when cascaded with the absence of spectral modification. The effects of spec...1980-01
6 A Dynamic Model for Computer-Aided ChoreographyThe application of the digital computer in the field of dance choreography is a relatively unexplored area. The use of the computer in other arts is more widely known. The report describes an interactive, FORTRAN 5 UNIVAC 1108 computer which relates the angular movements of the joints of the display...1970-06
7 A FORTRAN V Interactive Graphical SystemThe system described provides the capability of transforming an ordinary FORTRAN 5 program into a highly interactive program. The converted program makes the user, the display scope, and teletype console all an integral part of the execution of the program. At present, the system allows the user to ...1968-04-03
8 A framework for hardware design analysis and synthesis using VHDLAn approach for behavioral analysis and synthesis in a single framework is presented. The main advantage of specifying circuits at an abstract level is that they become amenable to formal analysis. A formalism HOP, which is an extended automaton model to describe behaviors of circuits is introduced....VHDL; computer hardware description language1993-03
9 A framework for multi-sensor integration and data acquisitionThis thesis investigates and implements a framework for multi-sensor integration and data acquisition operating in the context of a robot workstation equipped with both contact and noncontact sensors. An appropriate low-level representation of raw data supplied by various sensors is developed. We pr...computers; Spatial proximity graph; 3-D data; object recognition1983-08
10 A front end user interface to a geometric modelling systemThis thesis examines methods for designing effective user interfaces. A particular type of computer system, an interactive geometric modelling system, is investigated with respect to the interface.1987-12
11 A general model for the user interface of screen editorsText editing programs are becoming larger in size and more important in modern operating systems. We present a model for the user interface portions of editors. The model provides a consistent and easy-to-implement environment in which many powerful and useful features can be incorporated. This mode...text editing; text editing program; screen editor; computers1983-03
12 A graphical workstation and programming environment for data-driven computationThis dissertation reports on the development of a prototype programming environment for a graphical programming language to support data-driven style of computation. Emphasis is on the need for tools to assist in the development of nontrivial graphical programs.graphical programming language; data-driven style; computation; computers1983-03
13 A Java-based active network operating system (JANOS)The JANOS prqjects' primary objective was to develop a principle local operating system for active network nodes. The operating system is oriented toward executing untrusted Java bytecode, primarily for management and control.,The original document contains color images.2003-11
14 A Method for Extending FORTRAN V for the Interactive Graphical Solution of Numerical ProblemsInteractive computer graphics offers much in the way of bringing the program user closer to the problem solving algorithm. Techniques may be employed which provide for the execution of the program to be monitored and action taken to help the program find the solution, or to find it more quickly. Log...1968-12
15 A Multiprocessor Implementation of CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes)Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) is a well known paradigm for communication and synchronization of a parallel computation. A CSP program consists of a collection of processes P(1), P(2),....., P(N) that interact by exchanging message. These message passing primitives, called input and output...1988-03
16 A multistrategy machine learning approach to object recognitionThis work describes an innovative approach that combines machine learning and vision into an integrated system. The system is called ORACLE: Object Recognition Accomplished through Consolidation Learning Expertise. It uses two machine learning techniques known as explanation-based learning and conce...ORACLE; ORACLE system; computers1991-03
17 A Parametric Model for Human FacesThis report presents a computer model for the representation of human faces. This three-dimensional, parametric model produces shaded facial images. The face, constructed of polygonal surfaces, is manipulated through the use of parameters which control interpolation, translation, rotation and scalin...1974-12
18 A pipelined architecture for ray tracingRay tracing is a computer graphics rendering algorithm well known for the realistic images that it generates. Its primary drawback is the huge amount of computation required for even moderately complex scenes. Pipelined architectures have been used for many years to accelerate conventional scan conv...computer architecture; computers; pipeline; computer graphics; RayPipe1994-06
19 A polymorphic, hierarchical type system for PrologThis thesis develops a polymorphic, hierarchical type system for Prolog that can be checked statically. Type issues unique to Prolog, such as moding and treatment of logical variables, are considered. A type checking specification is defined and an algorithm fulfilling that specification is presente...1992-08
20 A priori digital speech analysisAbstract: This paper describes a priori digital speech analysis. This method takes advantage of the quasi-periodic nature of voice speech sounds to reduce the amount of computation needed to obtain the analysis parameters. The vocal tract is modeled as an all-pole digital filter (predictive coding)...speech analysis; predictor coefficients; pitch period1973-03
21 A Saddle Point Strategy for Path PlanningThis thesis explores a new strategy for addressing the local minimum problem. As a prerequisite, a smooth potential function with a well-defined analytical gradient is devised. The availability of exact derivatives permits the use of more sophisticated optimization methods than those typically emplo...robots; robotics; motion planning, path planning; saddle point; c-space; quasi-newton1993
22 A shading method for computer generated imagesA shading method for computer generated images is developed that provides benefits of both ray tracing and radiosity methods. Diffuse reflection behavior is taken from the radiosity approach, while specular reflection and transparency are based on ray tracing methods. Distributions of sample rays ar...computer graphics; shading method; computer generated images; ray tracing; radiosity1988-06
23 A Subdivision Algorithm for Computer Display of Curved SurfacesThis report presents a method for producing computer shaded pictures of curved surfaces. Three-dimensional curved patches are used, as contrasted with conventional methods using polygons. The method subdivides a patch into successively smaller subpatches until a subpatch is as small as a raster- ele...1974-12
24 A symbolic simulation-based verification system for synchronous circuitsThis thesis addresses the issues related to the symbolic simulation-based verification of synchronous circuits. A prototype verification system, based on a two-level verification approach for synchronous circuits, has been implemented that embodies the ideas of parametric Boolean expressions for eff...1992-12
25 A User Interface Model and Tools for Geometric DesignPoor user interfaces discourage potential users from effectively utilizing the design capabilities of geometric modeling systems. Because of the complex nature of the underlying representations in such systems, a well structured user interface model, as well as useful and intuitive design tools, are...user interface; computer systems; computer-aided design
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