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1 A symbolic simulation-based verification system for synchronous circuitsir_computersaText
2 E-MO : a system for automatically generating emotive-motionsir_computersaText
3 A cell-based approach to hierarchical interdomain VLSI designir_computersaText
4 The Development of a Virtual Database and an Evaluation of Techniques to Improve the Performance of a Virtual Databaseir_computersaText
5 The persistent object system MetaStore : persistence via metaprogrammingir_computersaText
6 Adaptive image segmentationir_computersaText
7 The Many Faces of Introspectionir_computersaText
8 A polymorphic, hierarchical type system for Prologir_computersaText
9 Blending parametric surfacesir_computersaText
10 Parametric approximation to surfacesir_computersaText
11 Robustness in geometric modeling : an intuitionistic and tolerance-based approachir_computersaText
12 First-order preference theories and their applicationsir_computersaText
13 Sketching with constraintsir_computersaText
14 Computer Illustration of Three Dimensional Sculptured Surfacesir_computersaText
15 A User Interface Model and Tools for Geometric Designir_computersaText
16 Rule Based Process Planning System for Hole Feature Machiningir_computersaText
17 Models for Stochastic Texture Generationir_computersaText
18 Modelling complex objects with generalized sweepsir_computersaText
19 Sequencing computational events in heterogeneous distributed systemsir_computersaText
20 Parallel Distributed Simulation of Elastic Wavesir_computersaText
21 The Efficient Modeling of Processor Behavior and Performanceir_computersaText
22 Design of a Self-Timed, Pipelined, Floating Point Multiplier in Gallium Arsenideir_computersaText
23 Analysis of Functional Programs using Attribute Grammarsir_computersaText
24 Automated Routing Tools for the PPL Design Methodologyir_computersaText
25 Optimization as Transformations: A Compiler Paradigmir_computersaText
1 - 25 of 160