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1 The Power of Core Values and Psychological SafetyKiraly, Bernadette; Johnson, FrancesWellness Champion Poster Session 2023
2 Thriving in Pediatrics: Meet-and-GreetsParker, Kellee; Roller, Ruby; Ryan, SydneyWellness Champion Poster Session 2023
3 Fellow Retreat: Cooking and KaraokeRyan, Sydney; Tran, Theresa; Miescier, Mike; Drapkin, Zak; Kadish, HowardWellness Champion Poster Session 2023
4 Thriving in Pediatrics: Wellness WheelParker, Kelle; Roller, Ruby; Ryan, Sydney; Vukin, Elizabeth; Orton, Kim; Buhler, Ashley; Sacharny, AshleyWellness Champion Poster Session 2023
5 Implementing Wellness Initiatives to Improve Professional and Personal Well-being of; Nursing Academia Faculty and StaffArmstrong, Cheryl; Macali, Jennifer; Simonsen, Sara; Felsted, Katarina; Clifton, JenniferWellness Champion Poster Session 2023
6 Office Environment & ConnectednessZamora, Eduardo; Degarmo, Breeanna; Parker, KelleeWellness Champion Poster Session 2023
7 Finding Your North Star: Addressing and Preventing Moral Injury and Moral Distress in Neurology ResidentsClark, LiamWellness Champion Poster Session 2023
8 Fellow Wellness NightParker, Kellee; Ryan, Sydney; Thomsen, William; Zamora, EduardoWellness Champion Poster Session 2023
9 The Art of CaringQuinn, Kristen C.; McCoy, Nan; Strawn, Mary A.; Thompson, Callie M.; M. Lewis, GiavonniWellness Champion Poster Session 2023
10 In-Basket Flow - Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics - Redwood Health CenterSolomon, Margaret; Nelson, Tyler; Head, Brain; Cannon, MitchellResilience Poster Session 2018
11 Addressing Cardiology Faculty and Staff Wellness by Promoting Awareness Through Serial Surveys and Group DiscussionKhor, Lillian; Valencia, Adam; Warner, Lauren; Yong, Dawn; Fang, JamesResilience Poster Session 2018
12 Improving Critical Test Result Management in RadiologyMills, Megan K.; Jones, Tony; Wiggins III, Richard; Conkey, Taylor; Quigley, Edward; Boi, Luka; Minoshima, SatoshiResilience Poster Session 2018
13 Career Progression Opportunities For NPs and PasCoe, Charity; O'Brien, Julie; Kendrick, David; Schindler, Andrea; Glasgow, Robert; Ray, DavidResilience Poster Session 2018
14 2018 Wellness Collaborative - College of Health, Center for Student SuccessGardner, E.; Belt, D..; Beyene, Y; Brown, L.; Lindsey, S.; Paisley, K.; Park, B.Resilience Poster Session 2018
15 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training in a Medical Setting: A Pilot StudyKolaski, Alexandra; Mai, Trinh; Davies, Rob; Armstrong, Amy; Taylor, Jennifer M.; Stovall, KarenResilience Poster Session 2018
16 A Compassionate Workplace Starts With YouChildress, Sue; Banner, MelissaResilience Poster Session 2018
17 Engaging Patients in Healthy Living - Redwood Health Center Garden ProgramWhitlock, Megan; Bouck, Michael; Lopez, Teresa; Ewanowski, Julia; O'Neil, Hannah; Chong-Lee, ShaunaResilience Poster Session 2018
18 Improving the Quality of Center Lunches - Community Physicians GroupSolomon, Margaret; Sanchez, Carolyn; Lokuta, Ann; Taylor, AnneResilience Poster Session 2018
19 Team Building for Internal Medicine Interns: Part of a Comprehensive Wellness ProgramCowan, Amy N.Resilience Poster Session 2018
20 Implementation of a Campus Wide Wellness Nutrition Program: Registered Dietitian ApprovedLokuta, Ann; Pesek Taylor, AnnResilience Poster Session 2018
21 Resident Administrative Time to Reduce Burnout - Moran Eye CenterRicks, Christopher J.; Burrow, Michael K.; Pettey; Jeff H.; Jardine, Griffin J.Resilience Poster Session 2018
22 2018 Wellness: Prioritizing Staff Well-being to Improve Intraoperative Communication and MoraleLarsen, Stacey; Smithee, KatrinaResilience Poster Session 2018
23 Wellness at the Williams Building - Department of Pediatrics, Division of Critical CareZamora, Eduardo; Hartford, Diane; Winter, Lisa; Busch, Stephanie; Mair, MaggieResilience Poster Session 2018
24 Creating a Community of Support: Primary Care - South Jordan Health CenterBouck, Michael; Sanchez, Carolyn; Gardner, Shane; Herrera, Linda; Wride, Kelsee; Christofferson, Clint; Staff, Elizabeth; Styles, Erica; Bills, Jennifer; Johnson, RebekahResilience Poster Session 2018
25 Restoring Balance Self-Care RetreatsThielking, PaulResilience Poster Session 2018
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