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1 Brief Educational Intervention to Decrease Readmission Rates of Diabetic Ketoacidosis Within the Pediatric Population2021Lopez-Reyes, Everardo
2 Decreasing ED Utilization2020Gundersen, Lexi
3 Does Anti-Racism Education Check the Box or Move the Needle?2020Mamiya-Hruska, Katrina
4 Effecting Readmission of Adolescent Mental Health Patients2021Akutsu, Shaw
5 Extension of Telemedicine to Treatment Management of Lentigo Maligna with Neoadjuvant Topical Imiquimod2020Lamb, Andy
6 Gender-Affirming Care Training for Health Providers2020Taylor, Mason
7 Hospitals: Places of Insomnia (Poster)2020Nelson, Brent
8 Hospitals: Places of Insomnia (Video Poster Presentation)2020Nelson, Brent
9 Implementation of a Visual Schedule for Pediatric Patients to Ease Transitions of Care During Hospitalization2020Walton, Annie
10 Implementing a Hazard Pay for ICU Nurses During COVID-19 to Reduce High Turnover Rates2021Fernandez Cajavilca, Moroni
11 Implementing the IDEAL Discharge Checklist: Implications for Transitions from Hospital to Home2021Topham, Emily
12 Improving Breastfeeding Training Among Post-Partum Nurses2020Wong, Natalie
13 Integration of Palliative Care Education Into Clinical Practice2021Gonzalez, Melissa
14 Interprofessional Rounding and Patient Experience Outcomes2021Hardy, Rachelyn
15 Lactation Consultant's Effects on Maternal Mental Health2021Brewer, Taylor
16 Massage and Positive Touch for the Neonatal Population2021Nunnally, Elizabeth
17 Medication Errors Related to Team Communication2020Hansen, Emily
18 Neutropenic Precaution Protocol At Primary Children's Hospital2020Anderson, Kyrsten
19 NICU Discharge Care Plan2020Swapp, Stacey
20 Physician Triage Reduces Emergency Wait Times2020Glaspie, Kaitlyn
21 Please Sexplain: Why Sex Education Should Be Comprehensive!2020Twohig, Emily
22 Policy Proposal: Changing Benefits from Individual Units to the University of Utah Hospital Organization2021Vikla, Elizabeth
23 Primary Nursing Protocol in the NICU2020Czaja, Sarah
24 Proactively Preventing Pressure Problems2020Beckstead, Madeline
25 Product Implementation of Automated Pupillometers in the Pediatric ICU2020Robison, Mandy
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