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1 Automated Static PerimetryDescription of types of visual field tests. Covers static vs. kinetic perimetry.Text
2 BlepharospasmVideo shows nice example of patient with blepharospasm. Also shows treatment with Botox.Image/MovingImage
3 Eye Signs of Myasthenia Gravis and the Sleep Test for MyastheniaThis lecture, prepared and presented by Dr. Winterkorn, covers the eye signs of Myasthenia Gravis and the Sleep the for Myasthenia.Text
4 HallucinationsLecture covering the phenomenon of visual halluciations.Text
5 Kinetic Visual FieldsExplanation of kinetic visual fields.Text
6 Neuro-Ophthalmic Exam Lecture - WinterkornLecture covering the neuro-ophthalmic exam.Text
7 Neuro-Ophthalmic Signs of Brain TumorLecture covering wide selection of brain tumors.Text
8 Ocular Myasthenia Mimicking Third Nerve Palsy66 year old man with ptosis OS and diplopia, slow saccades and pattern of a third nerve palsy. He shows a Cogan's lid twitch. Differential diagnosis is cavernous sinus lesion vs myasthenia. The Sleep test shows his eye open and he is diagnosed with myasthenia. His ocular myasthenia mimicked a thir...Image/MovingImage
9 Optic Neuropathies LectureLecture covering optic neuropathies. Contains wonderful slide of all of the different visual field defects seen with Humphrey perimetryText
10 Optic Neuropathies: Optic Neuritis vs AIONThis lecture, prepared and presented by Dr. Winterkorn, covers optic neuropathy and anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION).Text
11 Prostigmine TestingDescription of Prostimine (Neostigmine) testing.Text
12 Pseudotumor Cerebri lecturePseudotumor Cerebri; Papilledema; Visual LossText
13 Retinal Causes of Visual LossLecture covering retinal causes of visual loss.Text
14 Tensilon Testideo shows a tensilon test where ptosis and eyemovements are improved after the test.Image/MovingImage
15 Third Nerve Paresis Involving Pupil17 year old woman with ptosis and diplopia. Limitation is very subtle. Shows a cover cross cover testing. Left gaze XT and LH; right gaze ET. Shows a Maddox rod which confirms subtle third nerve. Shows measuring of the pupils for anisocoria, then measuring an RAPD. Left pupil has RAPD; right pupi...Image/MovingImage
16 Thyroid Eye Disease64 year old woman with painless vertical double vision: Thyroid eye disease. This video shows lid retraction, swelling, injection over recti and restricted EOM's and proptosis (shows the Hertel). All these symptoms aretypical of thyroid eye disease.Image/MovingImage
17 Visual Fields and Anatomy Lecture WinterkornLecture covering large selection of visual fields.Text
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