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1 Cluster Headache Associated with Primary Hyperlipidemia by Olesen -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches as associated with primary hyperlipidemia, study of two brothers suffering from cluster headache of the chronic variant as well as hyperlipidemia. 11 consecutive cases of cluster headache were studied for lipid abnormality.Image
2 Cluster Headache. Nomenclature Regarding Horton's or Histamine Headache by Prusinski -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches, Horton's or Histamine headaches.Image
3 A Case of Raeder's Syndrome by Prusinski et al -- AnnotationsImage
4 Vasodilating Headache: a Suggested Classification and Results of Prophylactic Rreatment with UML 491 (Methylsergide) by Rooke et al -- AnnotationsStudy of the vasodilating headache, terms used include migraine, histaminic cephalgia, Horton's, cluster headache, ciliary neuralgia, etc.Image
5 Prophylactic and Other Treatment for 'Histaminic,' 'Cluster,' or 'Limited' Variant of Migraine by Schiller -- AnnotationsComparative study, therapeutic recommendations, and discussion of the nature of the migraine.Image
6 Oculo-Sympathetic Paresis Associated with Cluster Headaches by Riley and Moyer -- AnnotationsStudy of oculo-sympathetic paresis associated with cluster headaches, typically sudden, may persist 30 min up to an hour, then stops.Image
7 The Syndromes of the Third Neurone of the Cervical Sympathetic System by Shafar -- AnnotationsStudy of misdirection dyskinesia and related mechanisms, with oculo-sympathetic disorders.`Image
8 Paratrigeminal Paralysis of the Oculo-Pupillary Sympathetic by Raeder -- AnnotationsStudy of paratrigeminal paralysis of the oculo-pupillary sympathetic.Image
9 Migraine by Riley -- AnnotationsHistorical description and treatment of the migraine-- pupils only marginal.Image
10 The Paratrigeminal Syndrome of Raeder. Regeneration of the Third Nerve. Subdural Hematoma by Walsh -- AnnotationsStudy of Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome, regeneration of the third nerve, subdural hematoma.Image
11 Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology by Walsh and Hoyt -- AnnotationsFrom Loewenfeld's "Pupil" index: "Updated, expanded, re-arranged third edition of Walsh's great text, in 3 Volumes. A Colossal work that invariably makes writers in this field feel like beggars by comparison."Image
12 Relation of Experimental Histamine Headache to Migraine and Non-migraine Headache by Von Storch -- AnnotationsStudy of experimental histamine headache to migraine and non-migraine headaches.Image
13 Meeting Group on Migraine and Headache by World Federation of Neurology -- AnnotationsDefinition of terms for migraine variantsImage
14 Migraine Variants by Whitty -- AnnotationsHistory of migraine variants, saw 2000 patients, Horner's with cluster headache, and ophthalmoplegic migraine.Image
15 So-called Vascular Headache of the Migraine Type: One or More Nosological Entities? by Sjaastad -- AnnotationsStudy of the vascular headache, partial Horner's syndrome, cluster headache, and chronic paroxysmal hemicraniaImage
16 Histamine Metabolism in Cluster Headache and Migraine. Catabolism of 14C Histamine by Sjaastad and Sjaastad -- AnnotationsStudy of histamine metabolism in cluster headache, chronic paroxic hemicrania, and migraine, catabolism of 14C histamineImage
17 The Role of the Sphenopalatine (or Meckel's) Ganglion in Nasal Headaches by Sluder -- AnnotationsStudy of the role of the sphenopalatine ganglion in nasal headaches, included in table but removed from published index.Image
18 A Particular Variety of Headache by Symonds -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headache, treated with ergotamine tartrate; conjunctival and facial vasodilation, stuffy, running nose.Image
19 Histaminic Cephalgia by Robinson -- AnnotationsStudy of histaminic cephalgia, 20 cases and literature; cluster headache; occasionally Horner's syndromeImage
20 Adrenergic Mydriasis in Horner's Syndrome. Hydroxy-Amphetamine Test for Diagnosis of Post-ganglionic Defects by Thompson and Mensher -- AnnotationsStudy of adrenergic mydriasis in Horner's syndromeImage
21 Pericarotid Syndrome by Vivayan and Watson -- AnnotationsStudy of pericarotid syndrome.Image
22 Effect of Alcohol on Headaches in Chronic Form of Horton's Cephalgia by Klimek -- AnnotationsStudy of the effect of alcohol on headaches in Horton's Cephalgia.Image
23 The Clinical Link Between Migraine and Cluster Headaches by Medina and Diamond -- AnnotationsStudy of the link between migraines and cluster headaches.Image
24 On the Pathogenetic Role of Histamine and the Vascular Apparatus in Certain Forms of Headache by Dalsgaard and Nielsen -- AnnotationsStudy of histamine hemicrania.Image
25 Investigation on the Porosity of the Iris by Smelser and Ishikawa -- AnnotationsStudy of the porosity of the human irisImage
1 - 25 of 369