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1 Abduzens Paralyse (Abducens Paralysis)Abduzens Paralyse; Abducens Paralysis; Abducens Nerve DiseasesImage/MovingImage
2 Akkomm Schielen (Exotropia)Akkomm Schielen; ExotropiaImage/MovingImage
3 Amaurose Beidseits (Bilateral Blindness)Amaurose Beidseits; Bilateral Blindness; AmaurosisImage/MovingImage
4 Amaurot Pupillenstarre (Afferent Pupillary Defect)Amaurot Pupillenstarre; Afferent Pupillary Defect; Pupil DisordersImage/MovingImage
5 Bilateral INO (Bilateral Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia)Bilateral INO; OphthalmoplegiaImage/MovingImage
6 BR Nystagmus (Pathologic Nystagmus)BR Nystagmus; Nystagmus, PathologicImage/MovingImage
7 Brun's Nystagmus (Physiologic Nystagmus)Brun's Nystagmus; Nystagmus, Physiologic; Brain Stem; Cerebellar Neoplasms; Cerebral Ventricle Neoplasms; Cerebellopontine AngleImage/MovingImage
8 Dors Mittelhirnsyndrom (Dorsal Midbrain Syndrome)Dors Mittelhirnsyndrom; Mesencephalon; Parinaud Syndrome; Convergence Retraction Nystagmus; Ocular Motility DisordersImage/MovingImage
9 Einseit vert NystagmEinseit vert Nystagm; Nystagmus, PathologicImage/MovingImage
10 Erw Fixationspendel NyErw Fixationspendel NyImage/MovingImage
11 Horner Syndrom (Horner Syndrome)Horner Syndrom; Horner Syndrome; Horner's SyndromeImage/MovingImage
12 Komplette Ophthalmoplegie (Complete Unilateral Ophthalmoplegia)Komplette Ophthalmoplegie; OphthalmoplegiaImage/MovingImage
13 Kongenitaler Nystagmus (Congenital Nystagmus)Kongenitaler Nystagmus; Nystagmus, CongenitalImage/MovingImage
14 Leichte Abduzensparese (Abducens Nerve Palsy)Leichte Abduzensparese; Abducens Palsy; Abducens Nerve DiseasesImage/MovingImage
15 Lid Fehlreg (Eyelid Ptosis)Lid Fehlreg; Eyelid Ptosis; BlepharoptosisImage/MovingImage
16 Mittelhirnsyndrom PupilleMittelhirnsyndrom Pupille; Pupil DisordersImage/MovingImage
17 Myasthenie Bel TestMyasthenie Bel Test; Myasthenia GravisImage/MovingImage
18 Myasthenie Ptosis (Ptosis in Myasthenia Gravis)Myasthenie Ptosis; Blepharoptosis; Myasthenia GravisImage/MovingImage
19 Normale Pupille (Normal Pupil)Normal Pupil; Normale Pupille; Examination, Pupillary; Swinging flashlight test; Normal Pupillary Responses; Parasympathetic Pupil; Photic StimulationImage/MovingImage
20 Nystagmus latens (Lateral Nystagmus)Nystagmus latens; Lateral Nystagmus; Nystagmus, PathologicImage/MovingImage
21 OkulomotoriuspareseOkulomotoriusparese; Ocular Motility DisordersImage/MovingImage
22 One and a Half Syndrome (Anderthalb Syndrom)Anderthalb Syndrom; One and a Half Syndrome; Ocular Motility Disorders; OphthalmoplegiaImage/MovingImage
23 Physiologic Anisocoria (Unequal Pupils)Phys Anisokorie; Anisocoria; Physiologic AnisocoriaImage/MovingImage
24 Pupil Game (PowerPoint)Afferent and Efferent (Parasympathetic) Pupillary Pathways; Pupillary Changes; PupilText
25 Pupillotonie LR; (Tonic Pupil - Light Reflex)Pupillotonie LR; Tonic PupilImage/MovingImage
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