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1 Abduzens paralysis (Abduzens Paralyse)Abduzens paralysis; Abduzens ParalyseImage/MovingImage
2 Akkomm SchielenAkkomm SchielenImage/MovingImage
3 Amaurose beidseitsAmaurose beidseitsImage/MovingImage
4 Amaurot PupillenstarreAmaurot Pupillenstarre; Afferent Pupillary DefectImage/MovingImage
5 Bilateral INOBilateral INOImage/MovingImage
6 BR NystagmusBR NystagmusImage/MovingImage
7 Brun's NystagmusBrun's NystagmusImage/MovingImage
8 Dors MittelhirnsyndromDors MittelhirnsyndromImage/MovingImage
9 Einseit vert NystagmEinseit vert NystagmImage/MovingImage
10 Erw Fixationspendel NyErw Fixationspendel NyImage/MovingImage
11 Horner Syndrome (Horner Syndrom)Horner Syndrome; Horner Syndrom; Cervical Artery Dissection; Horner's SyndromeImage/MovingImage
12 Komplette OphthalmoplegieKomplette OphthalmoplegieImage/MovingImage
13 Kongenitaler NystagmusKongenitaler NystagmusImage/MovingImage
14 Leichte AbduzenspareseLeichte AbduzenspareseImage/MovingImage
15 Lid FehlregLid FehlregImage/MovingImage
16 Mittelhirnsyndrom PupilleMittelhirnsyndrom PupilleImage/MovingImage
17 Myasthenie Bel TestMyasthenie Bel TestImage/MovingImage
18 Myasthenie PtosisMyasthenie Ptosis; Ptosis - MyasthenicImage/MovingImage
19 Normal Pupil (Normale Pupille)Normal Pupil; Normale Pupille; Examination, Pupillary; Swinging flashlight test; Normal Pupillary Responses; Parasympathetic PupilImage/MovingImage
20 Nystagmus latensNystagmus latensImage/MovingImage
21 OkulomotoriuspareseOkulomotoriuspareseImage/MovingImage
22 One and a Half Syndrome (Anderthalb Syndrom)One and a Half Syndrome; Anderthalb SyndromImage/MovingImage
23 Phys AnisokoriePhys Anisokorie; Anisocoria; Physiologic AnisocoriaImage/MovingImage
24 Pupil Game (PowerPoint)afferent and efferent (parasympathetic) pupillary pathways; Pupillary changesText
25 RAPD geringRAPD geringImage/MovingImage
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