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1 College of Nursing Workload Allocation Process2013ehsl_lean
2 CCTS LaunchPad (Operational Intelligence Platform for CCTS Research Studies)2013ehsl_lean
3 A LEAN Application in Documenting Patient Education2013ehsl_lean
4 Improving the Intake Process/Re-engineering Public Affairs & Marketing2013ehsl_lean
5 Improving Percentage of General Surgery On Time First Start Cases in Operating Room2013ehsl_lean
6 Gallstone Disease Management through the ED2013ehsl_lean
7 Optimizing Surgical Safety: Time Out Project (TOP)2013ehsl_lean
8 Improving the Discharge Process for Normal Mothers and Newborns on the Maternal Newborn Care Unit (MNBCU)2013ehsl_lean
9 Access for New Patients to see a Urology Provider2013ehsl_lean
10 APC Kaisen2013ehsl_lean
11 To Reduce the Number of Unnecessary ECGs Ordered and Performed in the Pre-Op Clinic of Anesthesiology Department2013ehsl_lean
12 To Improve and Better Coordinate the Transfer of Critically Ill Patients from Outside Facilities to the University of Utah Health Science Center2013ehsl_lean
13 Utah Population Database Access2013ehsl_lean
14 Tracking CME Courses2013ehsl_lean
15 Decreasing Variability in Operative University Resources (DeVOUR)2013ehsl_lean
16 Improving the Patient Experience in Pediatric Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine2013ehsl_lean
17 Standardization of Bone Mineral Density Reporting at UUHSC2013ehsl_lean
18 Efficient and Effective Outside Imaging Collection in Otolaryngology2013ehsl_lean
19 TeleNeurology Bring U Home2013ehsl_lean
20 DaVinci Robot Utilization2013ehsl_lean
21 Balancing Same-Day Access with Preventive Care Access in a Pediatric Clinic2013ehsl_lean
22 University of Utah Orthopaedic Center (UOC) Clinic Access & Scheduling2013ehsl_lean
23 Decreasing GI Endoscopy Lab Turnover Time2013ehsl_lean
24 UNI Rapid Access to Clinical Evaluation (RACE)2013ehsl_lean
25 Cores Accounting2013ehsl_lean
1 - 25 of 47