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1 Burn Center AppThere are knowledge gaps in burn education among both burn patients and their families. Patients need stronger communication and education tools to aid in their care.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
2 Care Navigation - Quality AssuranceMeasuring Quality Supports2017 Imagine Perfect Care
3 Bariatric CookbookBariatric patients have difficulty understanding and complying with restrictive bariatric dietary guidelines.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
4 Dance TherapyThe University of Utah Orthopedic Center is in need of more dance and foot-specific physical therapy equipment.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
5 3D Printer PosterMuch of the available equipment for patients with a spinal cord injury or disease takes a "one size fits all" approach. The equipment often does not meet the need of the patient in terms of control, access, or ease of use.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
6 Community Garden PosterRedwood Health Center envisions a community garden to help our diverse patient population learn about healthier eating.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
7 Connect2HealthMany healthcare patients have poor social determinants of health (SDoH) in combination with high social needs, which constitute more to their health than their actual healthcare. However, there is a lack of data collection on effects of SDoH screening and resource referrals. In addition, there is a ...2017 Imagine Perfect Care
8 Inpatient Massage TherapyThe inpatient massage therapy program is a popular program with increasing demand, but has not had a structured evaluation to measure its impact on cost, patient length of stay, pain levels, medication usage, or patient satisfaction.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
9 Neuro Compliance ToolMaintaining physiologic parameters according to treatment guidelines is associated with improved outcomes in acute brain/spinal cord injuries. Despite this, a recent publication found one third of Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP) values below acceptable range in acute SCI patients, even with a policy o...2017 Imagine Perfect Care
10 Early MobilityUDAC is a new clinic within the Department of Pediatrics providing clinics at various locations with demonstration equipment to use during clinic physical therapy and occupational therapy evaluations. However, the clinic's supply of demo equipment is extremely limited.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
11 Interventional Radiology Informed Consent VideosInterventional Radiology patients do not fully comprehend their procedures and care instructions after discharge, which causes confusion in the consent process. There is extra concern for low literacy populations.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
12 Dental Health PosterMouth associated with more than just a nice smile.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
13 Ideation Studio PosterReserve your time within the Ideation Studio today - open during all Eccles Health Sciences Library operational hours. Gadgets to construct may be borrowed at the Front Desk, and include: springs, nuts and bolts, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, buttons, and toolkits. Schedule your reservation for th...2017 Imagine Perfect Care
14 Lot 50 Contest PosterThe Customer Service team and Imagine Perfect Care came together to sponsor a Lot 50 Contest, to make a call for innovative ideas to improve the patient parking experience, including way finding, signage, lighting, paint, and anything that might make the structure more friendly and inviting.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
15 Inpatient Massage TherapyMassage as part of comprehensive inpatient care.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
16 Imagine Perfect Care Journal 2017How does an empty room with a hospital bed and walls coated in whiteboard paint turn into a Room of the Future? Through trial and error, feedback from hundreds of healthcare workers, and an unwavering dedication to the patient.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
17 NICU Milk BankAmerican Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends an exclusive human milk diet for the first 6 months of life, because of its critical health and nutritional benefits. However, only 36% of mothers with infants in the University of Utah Health NICU are able to provide sufficient milk for their infants.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
18 Customer Service Training Videos: Creating an Organization-Wide StandardThere is no standard customer service training available for all; University of Utah Health employees.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
19 No One Dies AloneAn estimated 3-4 patients will die each month at UUHC without companionship from family members or friends.2017 Imagine Perfect Care
20 #asksolveAsk and solve clinical problems! Submit a problem by using #asksolve on Twitter.2016 Imagine Perfect Care
21 Imagine Perfect Care Journal 2016In large, complex organizations, connectors see opportunities for collaboration and creative resource sharing. Through their networks and collegial relationships, they often have the ability to elevate isolated project work to highly successful organizational initiatives. Recognizing this critical f...2016 Imagine Perfect Care
22 Improving Patient and Provider Engagement with a Virtual Patient Education LibraryEccles Health Sciences Library and University of Utah Health Care partnered to centralize and control custom-created patient education documents.2016 Imagine Perfect Care
23 Knowing How it Really Feels to Be One of Our PatientsThe empathy exercise can help us: connect to purpose, see our work through fresh eyes, identify barriers to meeting patients' needs, take action to remove barriers2016 Imagine Perfect Care
24 Measuring Patient Mobility Outcomes(AM-PAC) Activity Measure for Post-Acute Care, "6 Clicks"2016 Imagine Perfect Care
25 Huntsman Intensive Care Unit InfectionsCan you imagine eliminating central line infections? WE DID.2016 Imagine Perfect Care
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