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1 Strong, Florence M.Florence Strong was the administrative assistant to six deans at the College of Medicine and later School of Medicine for 26 years. The unofficial "Dean of Students" (as described in the 1952 Medicine Man Yearbook) Dean Callister and Mrs Strong were the administration when she joined the school in 1...
2 University of Utah Medical Center Telephone Directory (1972)University of Utah Medical Center telephone directory
3 Demonstration of Wearable Artificial Kidney (1979)Wearable Artificial Kidney - In 1979, Dr. Willem Kolff's team of inventors, scientists, engineers and physicians worked together to improve his original artificial kidney and unveiled the Wearable Artificial Kidney (WAK) which didn't need washing machine connections and could literally be worn aroun...
4 AirMed Helicopter (1978)AirMed was established on June 16, 1978, as the eighth air medical transport program in the nation. In its first year, AirMed consisted of just one helicopter which logged more than 500,000 miles of service.
5 Faldmo, Lynda, R.N. J.D. (2015)Lynda Faldmo, RN, JD - College of Nursing alumna, 1982; Burn Unit nurse; College of Law alumna, 1994; Former director of hospital risk management
6 Snyder, Clifford C., M.D.Clifford Snyder, MD successfully separated brain-conjoined twins Elise and Lisa Hansen. He used skull bone removed during the separation to reconstruct their skulls. Between operations, he brought the bone home and stored it in his own freezer. He didn't want to take any chances that it might get us...
7 Kolff, Willem J., M.D. Ph.D.Willem Kolff, MD PhD - Dr. Kolff's guiding principle for the use of artificial organs was that "they should restore lives to a happy existence. If that is not possible, they should not be used."
8 Kolff, Willem J., M.D. Ph.D. (1978)Willem Kolff 1978 - Engineering the first artificial heartbeats - Dr. Kolff's lab expanded its research beyond kidneys to work on other organs, including artificial eyes, ears, arms and-most famously-artificial hearts.
9 Radiology Department in the 1970sRadiology 1970s
10 Protective GogglesProtective goggles worn by emergency department and other medical staff, from the School of Medicine time capsule stored at the Eccles Health Sciences Library.
11 Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library Main Level (1971)To find funding when money was scarce, Library Director Priscilla M. Mayden worked with Dean Kenneth Castleton to secure private and federal funding to start the project. Following up on a golf course conversation that Dean Castleton had with his friend and prominent Ogden citizen Spencer S. Eccles,...
12 Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library Main Level Viewed from the Upper Level (1971)Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library
13 Warner, Homer R., M.D., Ph.D.The HELP system, short for Health Evaluation through Logical Processing, has been quietly developing for over a decade at LDS Hospital in the medical biophysics and computing department, led by Homer Warner, MD, PhD, class of '49.
14 Kolff, Willem J., M.D. Ph.D.Dr Willem Kolff holding a version of the Jarvik artificial heart.
15 Jung, August L. (Larry), M.D.Dr. August Jung, class of '61, established the Mountain West region's first NICU in 1968. The unit was the only one of it's kind between Denver and the West Coast and between Phoenix and Canada. Administrators bought equipment in small amounts or borrowed it from medical equipment companies and othe...
16 Macintosh IIe Computer (1986)Macintosh IIe Computer
17 Samuels, Leo T., Ph.D.Dr Samuels was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1899. Dr Samuels received his A.B from Emmanuel Missionary College in 1925 and his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Chicago in 1930. Dr Samuels was a biochemist for the Kellogg Foundation Cancer Research Center in Los Angeles from 1930-1931...
18 Johnson, Joyce, MD (2015)Joyce Johnson (nee Dunn), MD, Class of 1957 - Established an action plan for treating cardiac arrest at LDS Hospital, organizing CPR teams in 84 of 126 hospitals in the Mountain West region. Dr Johnson was the sole female graduate of the school of medicine.
19 1940s-era Bone Saw1940s Bone Saw - available to view at Eccles Health Sciences Library
20 Medical Students in the Lab at the Thomas Cowles BuildingMedical students in the lab at the Thomas Cowles building before Building 521 was built in 1965
21 Shirley Labrum, MD and Frances Willie Stout, MDWomen in Medicine, Against All Odds - During World War II, the U.S. government paid medical school expenses for male students only, leaving women with few funding resources. Pictured here: Shirley Labrum MD '44 and Frances Willie Stout MD '44
22 Louis Goodman in Conversation with Leo SamuelsLouis Goodman MD and Leo Samuels PhD - While doing government research during World War II, Louis Goodman PhD discovered that the chemical airfare agent, nitrogen mustard, could actually be used to heal people, not just to harm them. From this discovery, nitrogen became the first drug used to fight ...
23 1900s-era Scalpal Kit1900s Scalpal Kit - available to view at Eccles Health Sciences Library
24 Hashimoto, Edward I., M.D.Dr Hashimoto in cadaver lab.
25 Maxwell Wintrobe, MD on Rounds With ResidentsMaxwell Wintrobe MD with Residents - The rigor of early education at the medical school bore the stamp of Dr. Wintrobe, who suggested to faculty in 1946 that misspelling and illegibility on tests should be counted against students, that all exams should be written in ink and that medical students sh...
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