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1 Mark Skolnik, Ph.D. and Randall Burt, M.D.ehsl_hhsImage
2 Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, circa 1980sehsl_hhsImage
3 Hansen Family (2015)ehsl_hhsImage
4 Saffle, Jeffrey R., MD (2015)ehsl_hhsImage
5 Holbrook, John H., M.D. (1967)ehsl_hhsImage
6 University Hospital and Medical Center, circa late 1960sehsl_hhsImage
7 Hansen Twins Pre-Surgery (1979)ehsl_hhsImage
8 University of Utah Medical Center Telephone Directory (1972)ehsl_hhsImage
9 Thomas Caine, M.D. and John Holbrook, M.D. (2015)ehsl_hhsImage
10 Alvin Gittings Oil Portrait of Maxwell M. Wintrobe, MDehsl_hhsImage
11 Hansen Family 1980sehsl_hhsImage
12 Maack, Julianehsl_hhsImage
13 Demonstration of Wearable Artificial Kidney (1979)ehsl_hhsImage
14 AirMed Helicopter (1978)ehsl_hhsImage
15 Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library (1969)ehsl_hhsImage
16 AirMed Helicoper (1978)ehsl_hhsImage
17 Hansen Twins Post-Surgeryehsl_hhsImage
18 Faldmo, Lynda, R.N. J.D. (2015)ehsl_hhsImage
19 Caine, Thomas H., M.D. (1963)ehsl_hhsImage
20 Snyder, Clifford C., M.D.ehsl_hhsImage
21 Jarvik-5 Artificial Heartehsl_hhsImage
22 Kolff, Willem J., M.D. Ph.D.ehsl_hhsImage
23 Medical Students Attending Classroom Lecture, circa 1980sehsl_hhsImage
24 Kolff, Willem J., M.D. Ph.D. (1978)ehsl_hhsImage
25 Radiology Department in the 1970sehsl_hhsImage
1 - 25 of 742