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1 Increasing NIDA Screening Rates by Obstetric ProvidersWoods, Windi; Lichtman, Michelle; Smid, Marcela2021POSTER
2 Increasing Contraceptive Access in Rural Southeastern UtahArmstrong, Katrina; Phares, Pamela; Pendergrass, Danielle Howa2021POSTER
3 Implementation of an Improved Testicular Cancer Survivorship PlanWilson, Sara; Schultz, Catherine H.; Phunrab, Tenzin2021POSTER
4 Improving Novice Nurse TurnoverGarner, Kara S.; Garrett, Teresa; Hudspeth, Randall2021POSTER
5 Non-Pharmacologic Pain Interventions in the Neuro ICUHarko, Kristin; Alderden, Jenny; Doucette, Cassidy2021POSTER
6 Routine Laboratory Monitoring in the Adult Chemotherapy PopulationPendergrass, Mikka; Jarvis, Matthew Chuck; Johnson, Linda S.2021POSTER
7 Facilitators and Barriers to Recruitment, Retention and Job Satisfaction for Men in Nursing, Implications and RecommendationsNerges, John A.; Garrett, Larry; Allen, Nancy A.2021POSTER
8 Improving Screening for Substance Use Disorder in PregnancyWittwer, Kaitlyn; Phares, Pamela; Tufts, Gillian2021POSTER
9 Engaging Providers and Support Staff for Evidence-Based HPV Vaccination Practices in a Rural Colorado CommunityWagner, Anna; Kepka, Deanna; Christini, Kaila; McGough, Emily; Garrett, Larry2021POSTER
10 Implementation of a Proton Pump Inhibitor Deprescribing Action PlanWalters, Megan M.; Schultz, Catherine H.; Lynch, Keisa M.2021POSTER
11 Exploring Implementation Strategies for a Case Management Social Needs AssessmentHaynes, Robyn2021Social determinates of health (SDoH) (Appendix A) are defined by the World Health Organization (2017) as conditions that people are born, grow, live, work, and age in (Fink-Samnick, 2018a). Individuals that are affected by SDoH are the most vulnerable in society, incurring 50% of the health care c...
12 Meeting Theory-to-Practice Gaps? Evaluation of New GraduatesThomas, Daphne; Bullock, Randy; Merrill, Katreena2021POSTER
13 Improving Efficiency of the Discharge Process in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)Ghena, Chelsea; Child, Clint2021POSTER
14 Adaptation of the Mayo Clinic's HABIT Program to a Virtual PlatformRobinson, Allegra2021POSTER
15 The Infant Flowsheet Optimization ProjectPhengphoo, Saifon2021POSTER
16 Implementation of a Telehealth Primary Care Visit to Improve Maternal Care During the Delayed Postpartum PeriodCraigo, Jane; Schultz, Catherine; Al-Khudairi, Amanda2021POSTER
17 Improving Palliative Care Knowledge Among NursesKelso, Taylor; Doyon, Katherine2021POSTER
18 Post-Treatment Follow-Up Protocol for Migraine PatientsDavis, Willard R.; Clayton, Margaret F.2021POSTER
19 Sepsis Bundle Compliance in the Emergency DepartmentWilson, Teya; Johnson, Linda2021POSTER
20 Nutrition Management in Cystic Fibrosis Infants Utilizing TelehealthFehr, Karli; Hamilton, Jennifer; McDonald, Katie2021POSTER
21 A Standardized Specimen Labeling Process To Decrease Pre-Analytical Biopsy ErrorsJessen, Chris; Lynch, Keisa2021POSTER
22 Assessing Use of Blood Pressure Measurement GuidelinesCarlson, Amanda L.; Stults, Barry M.; Clayton, Margaret F.2021POSTER
23 Improving Self-Measured/Home Blood Pressure Monitoring in Hypertensive PatientsLubina, Tristan Roman; Sylvester, Robert J.2021POSTER
24 Nursing Orders on FHIR: Information ModelingYusuf, Saldi2021POSTER
25 Reducing Intrafamilial Early-Psychosis Stigma: An Online Asynchronous ApproachZurcher, Nathan2021POSTER
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