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1 Real-World Evidence Outcomes in the Use of Bevacizumab in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ArMD): A Scoping Review ProtocolAinhoa Gomez-Lumbreras, Theodoros Giannouchos, Rupesh Panchal, Priyanka Ghule, Cate M. Lockhart, Diana BrixnerApril 23, 2021https://doi.org/10.26052/0d-b3vq-8d5m
2 Real-World Evidence Outcomes in the Use of Trastuzumab in Breast Cancer: A Scoping Review ProtocolTheodoros Giannouchos, Rupesh Panchal, Ainhoa Gomez-Lumbreras, Diana BrixnerMarch 26, 2021
3 Shared Decision Making Tools Implemented in the EHR: A Scoping Review ProtocolJoni H. Pierce, Jorie M. Butler, Kensaku Kawamoto, Guilherme Del Fiol, Mary M. McFarland, Charlene R. WeirJanuary 11, 2021https://doi.org/10.26052/0D-TRJS-7QGE
4 Social Support in Siblings of Children with Cancer: A Scoping Review ProtocolSarah E. Wawrzynski, Megan R. Schaefer, Nena Schvaneveldt, Melissa A. AlderferDecember 8, 2020https://doi.org/10.26052/0DC236H3A1
5 Utilization of Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Surgical Care: A Scoping Review ProtocolTeryn A. Holeman, Madeline M. DeAngelo, Mary M. McFarland, Benjamin S. BrookeAugust 28, 2020https://doi.org/10.26052/0D5CFF1K1Q
6 Ventricular Myocardial Strain in Individuals with Sickle Cell Disease: A Systematic Review ProtocolNicholas S. Whipple, Vijaya M. Joshi, Ronak J. Naik, Tisha Mentnech, Mary M. McFarland, Vikki G. Nolan, Jane S. HankinsMarch 30, 2020https://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/R29MW
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