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1 Cancer Peak Study2017ehsl_eac
2 Challenges and Successes of a Perinatal Community Health Worker Program for Pregnant Somali and Sudanese Refugee Women in Salt Lake County2017ehsl_eac
3 Continuing Didactic and Practical Laparoscopic Training Courses in Mongolia2017ehsl_eac
4 Cost-Effectiveness of an Early Cancer Surveillance Strategy for Patients with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome2017ehsl_eac
5 Open Access - The Holy Grail for Low Resource Practitioners?2017ehsl_eac
6 Pediatric Surgery Across Sub-Saharan Africa: A Multi-Centre Prospective Cohort Study2017ehsl_eac
7 Wrist Planner & Scheduler, A Novel Appointment Reminder for Homeless Patients2017ehsl_eac
8 Uptake and Performance of Clinical Breast Exam Screening by Trained Laywomen in Malawi2017ehsl_eac
9 A Field-deployable Platform for Prognostic Hepatic Cancer Screening in Low-resource Settings2017ehsl_eac
10 A Global Assessment of Medical Students' Knowledge of Smoking, Risks, Cessation Techniques and Therapeutic Options: Findings from 13 Countries2017ehsl_eac
11 Blood Pressure Changes During a 12 Month Wellness Coaching Program Among Utah Women of Color2017ehsl_eac
12 A Multi-Theoretical Approach to Micronutrient Supplementation among Women of Child-Bearing Age in Ghana2017ehsl_eac
13 An Evaluation of the Fulbright Student Program2017ehsl_eac
14 Medical Cost and Healthcare Resource Utilization Influenced by Anti-Platelet Agent Selection in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome2017ehsl_eac
15 Improving Newborn Care in Resource Poor Settings: Evaluation of a Combined Training and Quality Improvement Approach2017ehsl_eac
16 Making the Case for Informatics in Global Health2017ehsl_eac
17 Muslim Women Refugees & Health System Navigation2017ehsl_eac
18 Moran CORE - Online Learning in Sight2017ehsl_eac
19 Low-cost 3D Surgical Microscope For Use in Low-Resource Settings2017ehsl_eac
20 High Ambient Temperatures as a Cause of Neonatal Fever? Investigating the Association Between Environmental Temperature and Newborn Body Temperature2017ehsl_eac
21 Efficacy of Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Malaria in Children of Rural Ghana2017ehsl_eac
22 Determining Demand for Rural Healthcare Facilities in Developing Countries2017ehsl_eac
23 Creation of an International Surgical Mission Trip Database Using Internet Traces; a Novel Approach2017ehsl_eac
24 Establishing a National Standard for Care of Sexual Assault Victims2017ehsl_eac
25 HIV Awareness in the Former Soviet Union: An Assessment of HIV Knowledge Among Varied University Disciplines in Armenia2017ehsl_eac
1 - 25 of 38