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1 A Net of Wonder Lessons for Nurse Scientists from Exploring the SeaBeck, Susan
2 iStar: A Research Program Using Google Sketch-Up to Facilitate Social, Creative, and Job Skills for Youth on the Autistic SpectrumWright, Scott
3 Breaking with Tradition: Lessons Learned from Research Simulation and Alternative Clinical Training in MexicoCohen, Susanna
4 Cultivating Community Partnerships for Developing Cultures of Health and Well BeingSanchez-Birkhead, Ana
5 Sutter Health Partnership Year One Review: Where Do We Go From HereRoberts, Leissa
6 Things that Start with P: Musings from the Postdoc ExperienceTowsley, Gail
7 Beyond Complexity in Design Processes and Procedures for Calculating Safe Bed HeightMorse, Jan
8 Aging and Dying in Prison Needs and Implications for Prison HospiceCloyes, Kristin
9 Bed Bath and Beyond the Undergraduate ExperienceBarnett, Gerrie; Hollister, Lynn
10 NINR Bootcamp on Fatigue and Sleep Methodologies: 2013 Symptom ClustersBeck, Susan
11 Older Adults and Injuries Risks Access to Care and OutcomesEdelman, Linda
12 One Nurse Practitioners Experience with a Rare Diagnosis Ann MaruriMaruri, Anna
13 Research Program Overview Health Communication Beyond Physician TalkEllington, Lee
14 Occupational and Family Hazards of Living Off the LandReed, Deborah
15 Teaching Materials Should Be Referenced Like Scholarly PapersPeppers, Ginette
16 Emma Eccles Jones Nursing Research Center UpdatePeppers, Ginette; Wong, Bob
17 The Process of Coding Communication Research by Distance Coders: Taking Advantage of TechnologySolis, Guilermina; Kehinde, Julius
18 Responding to Reviewers and Editors CritiqueMorton, Patricia
19 Applying Adult Learning Theory to Nursing EducationClifton, Jennifer
20 Social Network Interventions: Preview and Review of Research AgendaClark, Lauren
21 Small Group Assignment Examples, Problems, SolutionsRichardson, Stephanie
22 Grading Rubrics and Other Online Teaching Tips Part DeuxRichards, Donna
23 Faculty Creations Using the Multimedia Creation StationBlack, Andrew
24 Faith Community Nursing Evolving SpecialtyHollister, Lynn
25 How to Lead an Effective MeetingRunolfson, Kevin
1 - 25 of 157