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1 2016(Pro)Renin Receptor: A Novel Target for Hypertension, Kidney Disease, and Metabolic SyndromeYang, T.Health and Disease
2 2021A Cellular Structure that Protects Against Amino Acid StressHughes, A.; Shaw, J.Fundamental Biology
3 2018A Genetic Mechanism Contributing to Racial Differences in Vascular DiseaseBray, P.Genetics; Vascular Disease
4 2021A New Form of Glutamate Signaling Discovered in MigraineBrennan, K.C.; Sawant-Pokam, P.; Kaufmann, D.Neuroscience
5 2019A New Strategy for Treating Autoimmune Disease While Maintaining Immune FunctionChen, M.; Fujinami, R.Drug Discovery; Immune Function
6 2020A Potent, Long-lasting HIV Capsid InhibitorSundquist, W.I.Drug Discovery; Antiretrovirals
7 2021A Protein that Blocks Virus BuddingSundquist, W.I.; Elde, N.Fundamental Biology
8 2020A Rapidly Manufacturable, Open-Source Ventilator for Austere ConditionsKuck, K.; Brewer, L.; Fassl, B.; Orr, J.A.; Petelenz, T. J.; Sakata, D.J.Immunology, Inflammation, Infectious Disease
9 2015Age-Related Sarcopenia and Recovery Following Muscle DisuseDrummond, M.Prevention
10 2019An EHR Clinical Support App for Monitoring Bilirubin LevelsKawamoto K.; Stipelman C.H.Bioinformatics; Smartphone Apps
11 2019Analyzing Human Pedigrees to Advance Genetics and HealthJorde, L.B.Genomics
12 2018Animation of the HIV Life CycleIwasa, J.Fundamental Biology
13 2019Architecture of the Inner EarPark, S.Neuroscience
14 2017ARF6 Plays Key Role in Diabetes-Induced BlindnessZhu, W.; Odelberg, S.J; Hartnett, M.E.; Ward, D.M.; Lesniewski, L..A.Health and Disease
15 2019Assessing and Enhancing Blood Pressure Control ProtocolsBress, A.P.; Hess, R.; Cheung, A.; Beddhu, S.; Supiano, M.; Conroy, M.Population Health
16 2019Biological Consequences of Reduced Energy Flux and Inefficient Energy GenerationFunai K.Diabetes and Metabolism
17 2015Blood Pressure Treatment TargetCheung, A.; Beddhu, S.; Bress, A.; Chelune, G.; Supiano, M. A.Cardiovascular
18 2019Bone-Anchored Devices that Permanently Pass Through the Skin to Maximize Amputee FunctionBachus, K.N.; Sinclair, S.K.; Henninger, H.B.; Bloebaum, R.D.Innovation; Biomechicla Function
19 2017Cancer Symptom Care at HomeMooney, K.; Beck, S.L.Cancer
20 2019Causes of Type 1 DiabetesBettini, M.; Bettini, M.L.; Evavold, B.Diabetes and Metabolism
21 2015Cellular Membrane RemodelingSundquist, W.I.; Frost, A.Fundamental Biology
22 2019Cellular Origins of Pancreatic CancerMurtaugh, L.C.Cancer
23 2018Chronic Hypoxia Exposure Worsens DepressionRenshaw, P. M.; Kanekar, S.; Kondo, D. G.; Yurgelun T.D.; Kious, B.M.; Soon, Y.; Shi, X.Mental Health; Hypobaric Hypoxia; Neuroimaging
24 2019Combination Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Pancreatic CancerMcMahon, M.; Kinsey, C.; Shea, J.; Yap, J.; Gilcrease III, G. W.; Affolter, K.; Welm, A.; Welm, B.; Scaife, C.; Snyder, E.Cancer; Chemotherapy
25 2019Commensal Microbes That Help Prevent Metabolic DiseaseRound, J.L.Diabetes and Metabolism
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