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1 Hospitals, S.L.C. (Iron Lung) -Shot 11942dha_sltncImage/StillImage
2 Centennial Home -Shot 11947-07-26dha_sltncImage/StillImage
3 Centennial Home -Shot 21947-07-26dha_sltncImage/StillImage
4 Centennial Home -Shot 41947-07-26dha_sltncImage/StillImage
5 Hospitals, S.L.C. (Iron Lung) -Shot 31942dha_sltncImage/StillImage
6 Hospitals, S.L.C. (Iron Lung) -Shot 41942dha_sltncImage/StillImage
7 Central Junior High School, Vernal -Shot 21936-12-14dha_sltncImage/StillImage
8 Airplanes Navy bombers with folding wings1938-06dha_sltncImage/StillImage
9 Airplanes Navy bombers with folding wings1938-06dha_sltncImage/StillImage
10 Airplanes; Navy planes Scout bombers1938-06dha_sltncImage/StillImage
11 Airplanes; Navy plane scout bombers1938-06dha_sltncImage/StillImage
12 Lindsey Gardens Dedication Group -Shot 11953-07-21dha_sltncImage/StillImage
13 Paulsen, Mrs. Byron (Luree Kammerman) -Shot 21956-06-06dha_sltncImage/StillImage
14 Johnson, Sherma -Shot 11956-09-11dha_sltncImage/StillImage
15 Nebeker, Mrs. Richard -Shot 11956-09-19dha_sltncImage/StillImage
16 Webb, Renee; Nichols, Sharlene1956-09-18dha_sltncImage/StillImage
17 Ross, Mrs. R. E. & Garden -Shot 11956-09dha_sltncImage/StillImage
18 Jacobson, Mrs. Ethel -Shot 11956-09-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
19 Shoji, Miss Nasako -Shot 21951-11-29dha_sltncImage/StillImage
20 Add Bennion Home -Shot 21956-10-08dha_sltncImage/StillImage
21 LDS Conference (127th Annual) -Shot 351956-10-07dha_sltncImage/StillImage
22 Page, Darrell; Goodwin, Flossie; Slighting, Adrian -Shot 11956-09dha_sltncImage/StillImage
23 Andersen, Floyd; Anderson, D. C.; Zolintakis, M. P. -Shot 21956-10-15dha_sltncImage/StillImage
24 Foothill Drive Overpass -Shot 11956-09dha_sltncImage/StillImage
25 Wilkins, C.W. -Shot 21951-11-30dha_sltncImage/StillImage
1 - 25 of 171,664