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1 Nelson, Neal D.; Woolsley, Edward -Shot 1dha_sltncImage/StillImage
2 Federal Reserve Bank Building -Shot 1dha_sltncImage/StillImage
3 Bear River Compact Signing -Shot 2dha_sltncImage/StillImage
4 Wilson, Bessie -Shot 1dha_sltncImage/StillImage
5 Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association (YMMIA) Conference -Shot 46dha_sltncImage/StillImage
6 LDS Church General Conference, October 1960 -Shot 40dha_sltncImage/StillImage
7 MacLeod, C. A. -Shot 2dha_sltncImage/StillImage
8 Packer, Elmo -Shot 1dha_sltncImage/StillImage
9 Days of '47 Parade -Shot 147dha_sltncImage/StillImage
10 Utah Oil Company Fire -Shot 10dha_sltncImage/StillImage
11 Accident -Shot 1dha_sltncImage/StillImage
12 Matthiesen, Bob -Shot 1dha_sltncImage/StillImage
13 Garfield, William -Shot 5dha_sltncImage/StillImage
14 Two-Car Fatal Accident, 38th South & Wasatch Boulevard -Shot 3dha_sltncImage/StillImage
15 Fenton, James E. -Shot 2dha_sltncImage/StillImage
16 Nunley, Richard -Shot 5dha_sltncImage/StillImage
17 Franz, Etta, 80th Birthday -Shot 5dha_sltncImage/StillImage
18 Fullmer - Webb Fight -Shot 81dha_sltncImage/StillImage
19 Stevens, Bruce G.; Walsh, Fred B. -Shot 3dha_sltncImage/StillImage
20 Fullmer - Webb Fight -Shot 60dha_sltncImage/StillImage
21 Bates, Elizabeth Fetzer -Shot 5dha_sltncImage/StillImage
22 Interstate Brick Company Building Razing -Shot 4dha_sltncImage/StillImage
23 Courtney, Kay -Shot 3dha_sltncImage/StillImage
24 Nixon, Vice President Richard in Salt Lake City -Shot 26dha_sltncImage/StillImage
25 Days of '47 Parade -Shot 60dha_sltncImage/StillImage
1 - 25 of 171,664