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1 "1896" and "Utah" with red, white and blue star in center2022Image
2 "1896" and a green and black army tank in upper left corner with green camouflage stripes and "Freedom"2022Image
3 "1896" in purple on the white the left side of ziig zagged divided line with a purple of the opposite side holding a gold star2002-01-29Image
4 "1896" in red, white and blue with stars and stripes in front of a beehive and bee on a purple field2002Image
5 "Redwood National Park" and brown and green trees to the right is a brown road leading up to a tent, on the right is a orange arch2022Image
6 "State of Utah" with a mural in the center of grey mountains a yellow and orange sun a blue and white shape of Utah with a green tree on the corner and a brown Elk2022Image
7 "The Freedom" with two green and brown trees and three white and blue mountains with a yellow sun2022Image
8 "U.S.A" in green and antlers in a pink circle centered within many blue and red horizontal stripes2022Image
9 "USA" with patriotic colors of freedom with hearts and stars with flowers2022Image
10 "USA", bald eagle, beehive, bees, Sego Lily, and purple snowcapped mountains with the American flag in the lower right corner2022Image
11 "Utah ROCKS" in center, the Olympic Salt Lake 2002 banner in the bottom corner and a yellow beehive in the top right2002Image
12 "Utah!" in rainbow letters with shape of Utah behind on black background2022-02-01Image
13 "Utah" in center horizontally, blue and grey sky with mountains on bottom2022Image
14 "Utah" "Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games" with a rainbow bordered2002Image
15 "Utah" above a red shape of Utah and a star and "Since 1896" below on a blue field2002Image
16 "UTAH" above landscape with yellow sun, orange arch, and green ground, flanked by yellow beehive with bees2022Image
17 "UTAH" across the center and the A is an orange arch and other written instructions2022Image
18 "UTAH" across the middle with three different landscapes in background, mountains, desert, and Great Salt Lake2022Image
19 "Utah" across the top with six brown arrows, an American flag, Sego lily in a circle in middle2022Image
20 "Utah" and "1896" above a bison with a yellow bee and a beehive2022Image
21 "UTAH" and "JAZZ" blue stripe on bottom2022Image
22 "Utah" and "People of the Mountains" in gold circle around blue mountains, with red and white diagonal sections in background2022-02-05Image
23 "Utah" and "This is the place" with blue rays cube and peace sign2022Image
24 "Utah" and "USA" take the opposing corners with the shape of Utah with a star both inside and without and "1896" in a blue background2002Image
25 "Utah" center with wavy purple, pink and orange lines, mountain in lower right with sun behind2022Image
1 - 25 of 7,031