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1 Neon Flag With Capitoldha_gocImage
2 At The Olympic Media Centerdha_gocImage
3 Governor Mike Leavitt at the State of Utah Meetingdha_gocImage
4 A couple in Furdha_gocImage
5 Lt. Governor Olene Walker dines with Austrian delegates at the Austria Housedha_gocImage
6 Children Performersdha_gocImage
7 At The Olympic Media Centerdha_gocImage
8 A Light Display at the City and County Buildingdha_gocImage
9 2-News' Rod Decker Interviews Governor Mike Leavittdha_gocImage
10 Governor Mike Leavitt gives an interviewdha_gocImage
11 Enjoying The Receptiondha_gocImage
12 Meeting With The Austria Housedha_gocImage
13 Host Citydha_gocImage
14 Lt. Governor Olene Walker Spends Time With The Childrendha_gocImage
15 Torch Bearer; Torch Rundha_gocImage
16 The Childrens Choir In Front Of The Capitoldha_gocImage
17 Governor Mike Leavitt attends the Institute For State Studies Meetingdha_gocImage
18 Torch Bearer At The Capitoldha_gocImage
19 Child Awaiting The Torchdha_gocImage
20 Declaration Of Independence Speechdha_gocImage
21 Children In Front Of The Neon Flagdha_gocImage
22 Governor Mike Leavitt prepares for the State Of Utah Meetingdha_gocImage
23 Governor Mike Leavitt's guests enjoy a Luncheon Meeting at the Mansiondha_gocImage
24 The Childrens Choir In Front Of The Capitoldha_gocImage
25 Choir Assembled For The Celebrationdha_gocImage
1 - 25 of 4,906