Normativity and epistemic intuitions

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Publication Type Journal Article
School or College College of Humanities
Department Philosophy
Creator Nichols, Shaun
Other Author Weinberg, Jonathan M.; Stich, Stephen
Title Normativity and epistemic intuitions
Date 2001
Description In this paper we propose to argue for two claims. The first is that a sizable group of epistemological projects -- a group which includes much of what has been done in epistemology in the analytic tradition -- would be seriously undermined if one or more of a cluster of empirical hypotheses about epistemic intuitions turns out to be true. The basis for this claim will be set out in section 2. The second claim is that while the jury is still out, there is now a substantial body of evidence suggesting that some of those empirical hypotheses are true. Much of this evidence derives from an ongoing series of experimental studies of epistemic intuitions that we have been conducting. A preliminary report on these studies will be presented in section 3. In light of these studies, we think it is incumbent on those who pursue the epistemological projects in question to either explain why the truth of the hypotheses does not undermine their projects, or to say why, in light of the evidence we will present, they nonetheless assume that the hypotheses are false. In section 4, which is devoted to Objections and Replies, we'll consider some of the ways in which defenders of the projects we are criticizing might reply to our challenge. Our goal is not to offer a conclusive argument demonstrating that the epistemological projects we will be criticizing are untenable. Rather, our aim is to shift the burden of argument. For far too long, epistemologists who rely heavily on epistemic intuitions have proceeded as though they could simply ignore the empirical hypotheses we will set out. We will be well satisfied if we succeed in making a plausible case for the claim that this approach is no longer acceptable.
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Publisher University of Arkansas Press
Volume 29
Issue 02-Jan
First Page 429
Last Page 460
Subject Epistemology; Intuition; Empirical hypotheses
Subject LCSH Knowledge, Theory of; Intuition
Language eng
Bibliographic Citation Weinberg, J., Nichols, S. & Stich, S. (2001). Normativity and epistemic intuitions. Philosophical Topics, 29(1/2), 429-60. Spring/Fall 2001
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