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126 Ethical Marxism and its radical criticsWilde defends what he calls Ethical Marxism. This is a familiar view, which many refer to as Marxist Humanism. According to Wilde, Marx holds that there is a human essence which involves freedom and the development of each individual's creative potential. This is achievable, however, only under cond...Marxism; Book review2000
127 Ethical Marxism and its radical critics (book review)Reviews the book `Ethical Marxism and Its Radical Critics,' by Lawrence Wilde.Books; Marxism; Philosophy2000-01
128 Yukari dicle arkeolojik arastirma ppojesi (UTARP) kenan tepe 2000 yiki calismalari raporuBu rapor, Giineydogu Anadolu'da Diyarbakir ili iginde yer alan Kenan Tepe'nin ilk kazi mevsimi olan 2000 yih gali§malan hakkinda kisaca bilgi verme amacini ta§imaktadir. ilk kazi mevsiminin amaci yerle§menin kronolojisini, Kenan Tepe'de bulunan degi§ik donemlere ait yerle§melerin niteligi ve do...2000-01-01
129 Unmasking Descartes's case for the bete machine doctrineAmong the more notorious of Cartesian doctrines is the bete machine doctrine -- the view that brute animals lack not only reason, but any form of consciousness (having no mind or soul). Recent English commentaries have served to obscure, rather than to clarify, the historical Descartes's views, Stan...Animals; Intelligence; Soul; Mechanical causation2001
130 End of life decision-making for patients with dementiaIn decision-making for patients with dementia, law and bioethics recognize two central goals: protecting the patient's autonomy and protecting the patient's best interests. These two objectives are not always consistent, however, nor easily applied over the long, downhill course experienced by mos...2001
131 Berman, Marshall. Adventures in marxismThis book contains an introduction and thirteen short pieces previously published in such journals as the Nation, the New York Times Book Review, New Politics, and Dissent, dating from 1963 to 1998.Capitalism; Human; System2001
132 Normativity and epistemic intuitionsIn this paper we propose to argue for two claims. The first is that a sizable group of epistemological projects -- a group which includes much of what has been done in epistemology in the analytic tradition -- would be seriously undermined if one or more of a cluster of empirical hypotheses about ep...Epistemology; Intuition; Empirical hypotheses2001
133 Modeling evolution in theory and practiceThis paper uses a number of examples of diverse types and functions of models in evolutionary biology to argue that the demarcation between theory and practice, or "theory model" and "data model." is often difficult to make. It is shown how both mathematical and laboratory models function as plausib...Models; Theory; Data; Evolutionary biology2001
134 Review of Susan Oyama, Ontogeny of information: developmental systems and evolutionSusan Oyama's book thoroughly deserved reprinting. This is an exciting and engaging work that is still timely 15 years after its initial publication. Some of the text of the new edition is revised, and Oyama has added a new Preface and an Afterword. The new Foreword by Richard Lewontin provides a s...Information theory; Biology; Information gene concept; Morphological traits2001
135 In the realm of legal and moral Philosophy; (Book Review)Reviews the book `In the Realm of Legal and Moral Philosophy;,' by Matthew H. Kramer.Books; Philosophy2001-01
136 Yukari dicle arkeolojik arastirma projesi (UTARP): kenan tepenin kulturel tarihinin on senteziBu raporun amaci Guneydogu Tiirkiye'de, Ilisu Baraji bolgesinde onemli bir arkeolqjik yerle§me olan Kenan Tepe'nin kiiltiir tarihi hakkindaki bugiinkii bilgimizi ozetlemektir (§ekil 1). Bu sentezin biiyiik boliimii Yukan Dicle Arkeolojik Ara§tirma Projesi (UTARP) iiyelerinin 2001 yazinda yiiriitt...2001-01-01
137 Ontogeny of information: developmental systems and evolution (Book Review)A review of the book "Ontogeny of information: developmental systems and evolution" by Susan Oyama.Information theory, biology; Books; Developmental systems; Evolution2001-06-23
138 Can scientific development and children's cognitive development be the same process?Assesses the value of the developmental psychology of science proposed by Alison Gopnik and Andrew Meltzoff to the understanding of scientific development. Role of distinctions between ontogeny and phylogeny when appealing to biology for theoretical support; Conception of cognition as a set of verid...Cognition; Developmental psychology; Ontogeny; Phylogeny; Science, Philosophy2001-09-11
139 Odd couple: the compatibility of social construction and evolutionary psychologyExamines the significance of evolutionary psychology and social constructionism in social sciences. Role of philosophical disputes in generating universal and local emotional phenomena; Relevance of adopting different theories of meaning and reference; Competition between philosophical disputes and ...Emotions; Genetic psychology; Social Sciences, Philosophy2001-09-11
140 Adaptive complexity and phenomenal consciousnessFocuses on epiphenomenalism problems in arguments about evolutionary function of phenomenal consciousness. Implications of cognitive neuropsychology evidence for the structure of phenomenal consciousness; Distinction of different kinds of epiphenominalist arguments; Provision of a developmental basi...Cognitive neuroscience; Cognizant; Exceptional2001-09-11
141 Socializing naturalized Philosophy; of sciencePresents an approach to naturalized Philosophy; of science that considers the nature of scientific practice. Cognitive individualism; Three-level model of the social nature of scientific practice.Individualsim; Science, Philosophy2001-09-11
142 Plato's Ethics (Book Review)Reviews the book `Plato's Ethics,' by Terence Irwin.Books; Plato; Ethics2001-09-16
143 History of political theory and other essays (Book Review)Reviews the book `The History of Political Theory and Other Essays,' by John Dunn.Books; Political Theory2001-09-17
144 Looking backward: a critical appraisal of communitarian thought (Book Review)Reviews the book `Looking Backward: A Critical Appraisal of Communitarian Thought,' by Derek L. Phillips.Books; Communitarianism; Philosophy2001-09-17
145 Textbook of healthcare ethics (Book Review)Reviews the book `Textbook of Healthcare Ethics,' by Erich H. Loewy.Books; Ethics; Healthcare2001-09-17
146 Conflicting parts of happiness in Aristole's EthicsExamines the concept of happiness based on Aristotle's view of ethics. Linkage between issues of ethics and altruism; Comparison between Kantian View and Hegelian View about the existence of a genuine dualism; Inclusivism as a common element in Aristotle's ethics; Conflicting parts of happiness.Criticism; Happiness, moral & ethical aspects2001-09-17
147 Making a necessity of Virtue (Book Review)Reviews the book `Making a Necessity of Virtue,' by Nancy Sherman.Books; Philosophy;; Virtue2001-09-18
148 Disunity of science (book review)Review of the book `The Disunity of Science: Boundaries, Contexts, and Power,' edited by Peter Galison and David J. StumpBooks; Science; Disunity2001-09-24
149 Book review: Candace Vogler's, John Stuart Mill's Deliberative LandscapeThis is a review of Candace Vogler's John Stuart Mill's Deliberative Landscape. Vogler's explores Mill's mental breakdown and its effect on his Philosophy;. In addition, Vogler's treatment is an intervention in the contemporary debate about practical reasoning. Both in its impressive control of t...Book review; Determinism; Moral Philosophy2002
150 Jewish perspectiveOUR TOPIC POSES two key questions. First, what are the pitfalls of writing from within our own religious tradition? Second, what are the advantages? In thinking about the Jewish tradition, my mind conjures up and fixes upon a quotation from Sheriff Wyatt Earp, upholder of law and order in Dodge City...2002
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